Saturday, 4 February 2012

One dress, two looks

I thought i'd do a little day to night transition outfit post as I got this new Topshop dress yesterday which I adore, and ended up wearing it all day! The midi length is definitely my favourite at the moment as it's not too short that it looks summery, but looks great paired with thick tights now that it is so cold here in England. This is how I styled it in the day time just to go to uni...

 poloneck jumper & belt - primark // earrings - topshop // shoes - office

I think this dress is another really versatile one, so to glam it up a bit I pinned it up as I think the length is a bit long to go "out out", which really gave it a lovely shape! I paired it with another poloneck, they are another thing I am loving this season, I like how they frame your face. By adding gold chunky jewellery, heels and of course a few layers of fake tan, it really transformed the dress into a cute evening outfit! I wore this out in town last night...

poloneck crop top - asos // necklace & buddha ring - topshop // ysl ring - ebay // shoes - jc // bag - h&m

My boyfriend returned from Las Vegas Thursday, so i'm so much happier now! I swear I was so depressed last week haha. He bought me back looooads of American sweets and a fisheye camera from Urban Outfitters, which I have wanted for aaages! So i'll be sure to take lots of photos on there to share with you guys. Here's a few photos he took whilst in Vegas... (clearly addicted to Instagram on his iPhone!)

My teeth will definitely have fallen out by next week!
Let me know what you think of my outfits and how else could I style them?



Imo said...

I love those earrings, I saw a similar pair in urban in turquoise

GeorgieWilding said...

I love that you've made that dress perfect for uni and then going out, the going out look is my fave, how did you pin it up? Did you use a safety pin, I always worry about stabbing myself. You look gorgeous.x


Thank you! Yes I just used a safety pin. Asos clothes tags come with a black safety pin on them so I just used that so it wasn't noticable! xx

fl said...

i love the second look! seriously looks great! as does the first ofcourse
ive been looking for a cheapish midi dress recently, have you got any suggestions? xx

Chelsea Jade said...

Gorgeous dress, both outfits are lovely but I prefer the second one love how you've pinned it up

Chelsea x

Kim said...

Love what you've done with the dress, it looks amazing as a skirt!

Those shoes are just incredible, very jealous!

And I went to Vegas last year, it was so good :) all these photo's have brought back lots of memories. I'd love to go again. Hopefully next time he'll take you with him :) x

sweet monday

Anonymous said...

the second one is my fave! <3 very sassy

Mantenso said...

omg , literally just done a post on this exact dress , it is so versatile i definitely need to get it!
love the going out look , looks really glamorous
mantenso xx


Thank you! Jealous of you going there! I am dying to go. I think he's gonna take me for my 21st but thats over a year away :( xoxo

Bri said...

Those shoes :O amazing! I really want some nerds now!xx

Unknown said...

Love both outfits, and your rings are immense!
Drea xo

db said...

Both looks are pretty hot but look #2 stole my heart!!! I love it!!! Great way to work a dress!!!
Darling Bonnie

maphi bayolo said...

loving both looks , especially the second one !!! and eeehhhh i want those nightwalkerSSSS so badly !!!! they look amazing on you xoxo

Angela Leberte said...

I love the transformation you made with the dress! I love mixing up items and wearing them new ways


GREEDS said...

Both of these looks are gorgeous.

I also love that necklace in the second look, so pretty!

megleaisabelle said...

dying for a pair of night walk :( i'm jealous xo

syntheticapparition said...


Danielle Keenan said...

love both of these looks..especially the second one! great styling


VSW said...

I love the evening look, especially the turtleneck and socks...where did you get your socks from? x

Nesha said...

You look amazing Lucy! Love the way you styled it in the second look. Flawless!

Me and Moustaches said...

I adore the way you styled this dress, I have the black version and think I am buying this one or the blueish one tomorrow! Your boyfriend is so lucky, especially him stood outside the PAWN shop because I LOVE that programme :)

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