Thursday 9 February 2012

How to wear platform Converse

So yeah, I have jumped on the platform converse bandwagon. I didn't go too extreme, i'm not a fan of the triple/quadruple sole so got myself a pair of double sole ones from ASOS as I had a 20% off code, so ended up getting them for about £25 which I think is a right bargain! I was in need of a pair of white shoes to pair with a few new pieces i've bought recently, so these are perfect. I really love them.

This morning i've been experimenting with a few outfits, trying to find a cute one for tomorrow night. Whilst doing so I remembered that I mentioned a few weeks ago on my Tumblr that I wanted to do a new feature on this blog, where I show you how I would style certain items. So I thought i'd start today by showing you how I would personally wear a pair of platform "sneakers". They are not to everyone's taste i'm sure, but I think they are cool!

First off if you are looking for a pair, here's a few which are reasonably priced:

1. £30, ASOS // 2. £30, ASOS // 3. £27.44, eBay // 4. £22.06, eBay

So here is how I styled mine. Firstly with a pencil skirt, I literally live in them at the moment as they're soo comfy, versatile and a cute alternative to print leggings! I also included my black wig for a couple of the photos; though I am not sure on it as I think it makes my face look too long and thin! What do you think?!

As you can tell my hair is still looking awful, rooty and faded. I am planning on going back blonde and getting permanent extensions, but am really considering dying it a different bright colour, like purpley blue, lilac or mint! 

For my next outfit I paired the shoes with my new favourite leggings! I have been lusting over these for so long, and went into town hoping i'd find them in my local Topshop, but unfortunately they were nowhere to be seen. I hate paying £4 for postage online but it was the only way i'd get these before they sold out. Here I am yet again wearing a poloneck, I simply cannot get enough of them! I think they are a great alternative to a plain black vest top, especially with print leggings when you need a plain coloured top. I picked this up in a charity shop yesterday for £3, it is a fluffy knitted material with glitter weaved in it, really cute!

As I mentioned above, I did a spot of charity shopping yesterday on my way home from uni. It really annoys me how all of a sudden charity shops have gotten so expensive. They're definitely getting too big for their boots, just because they're getting more popular doesn't mean they have to charge ridiculous prices for second hand clothes. It really puts me off buying! I simply CANNOT wait for the car boot sales to start again, I will definitely be sacrificing a Saturday night out so that I can get up early on a Sunday to bag some bargains! Here's what I bought:

 Green shirt - £3, poloneck - £3, cable knit jumper - £5, dress - £3, grey maxi skirt (not pictured) - £4 all from a charity shop.

What is your fave look?
How else would you style them? I would love to know your ideas!



Unknown said...

WOW! you are super stylish!!!!!! LOVING your blog. :) xxxx Milli

Eloise Passey said...

I'm in love with your black wig, definitely suits you really well. I'm really surprised at how amazing you look in these platforms! Most people would look silly in them (like myself) but you look perfect wearing them... jealous!

GeorgieWilding said...

Oh my god, I scrolled through the pictures before reading, I didn't recognise you in the wig at first I thought it was a friend of yours or a picture taken from a website or something haha. It looks really good on you. oh I hate paying for postage too, what I do is order over £75 worth of stuff so it's free then take the extra stuff back to topshop. I love the polo neck from the charity shop and oh I know, I hate when they want £8 for a shirt, can pay less at primark.x

Unknown said...

i love the pencil skirt floral top combo most! you are great at putting clothes together, very jealous of your style! great blog xxx

Anonymous said...

Love the black wig, you look sooo different!

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Jessica Roseanne Latchman said...

Wig is amazing!! pure vampy glam, love the pencil skirt aswell and in terms of styling-just keep doing what your doing because it's really refreshing to see someone just throw it together and work it! x

P.s Mint hair would be lush

Weronika Fudała said...

I love your outfits! SO inspiring...
I've a question about these Asos platforms. My feet are between size 3 and 4 so which size should be better in your opinion?
Thanks a lot,


Thank you! Oh aren't you a bright spark! That is a good idea, but is it worth the effort of taking it all back and waiting for the refund to go back in your bank account? I rarely shop on Topshop website and I rarely have £75 to spare either haha. xoxo

Unknown said...

love the wig on you, black hair suits you :) x


Thank you so much, so sweet of you! xx


I'm a 6 and mine actually came up really big that i'm considering sending them back for a 5! It's just so much effort. So definitely get a 3 xoxo

Hannah Hobson said...

LOVE your asos skirt, been so tempted to indulge and buy it!

Also chain printed leggings are amaze, totally must this season

Kitty said...

You look amazing with black hair, would never have thought that was a wig if i had saw you in real life!

and i know just what you mean about charity shops, where are they getting these ridiculous prices for things and why do they think its ok!?


Nichole said...

I love both of these outfits, the styling is fabulous.

Jess said...

Really like that first outfit, i am not sure if i would ever be able to pull of platform converse, but I would love to try! Your hair looks amazing black with that fringe, it frames your face really nicely!

xx Jess

Jen said...

need those leggings ASAP-ish!
loved how you styled these sneakers.
AND OMG charity shops are getting me SO mad, I saw a jacket £75 :O the other day.

J x

maphi bayolo said...

defo agree about the over pricing in charity shops these days :( i used get happy going there but now it seems that i cant even afford shopping at my local charity shop :( its painful !!!!

eeeeeeeeeeeeh you look just as amazing with dark hair !!!

do you prefere your hair pink ? dark ? or it just changes depending on how youre feeling ? xoxo

Charlotte said...

You look stunning with black long hair :), also cannot agree with you more about charity shops, I went into the British Heart Foundation near me and they are charging about £3-£5 pounds for a worn primark top, no thanks x

Ayesha said...

Great styling! You always seem to find fabulous gems in charity shops. One weekend I'm going to spend a day trying to find some in my local ones :)

great post!

Unknown said...

your hair, your style, your blog! I haven't found such a fantastic and unique blog for a while! gotta lotta love!

Sonia N. Osi said...

The black wig looks sooooooo good on you! For a change, the first photo hit me like wow, and aww :) Keep it on a bit.. ANd then brighten up your pink hair :)

Mimi said...

those platform converse shoes are cool, i just don't know if i can pull them off, haha! but i do like how you styled them. :)

<3, Mimi
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Maria Garcia Pita said...

loveee your blog, i already follow you, you have a great style. I hope you can check my blog and if you are interested to follow i will be glad. Kisses **

Inês Prates said...

LOVE how you used the platform shoes. you have a great sense of style!

Plurielle said...

These platform shoes are really cool and the printed leggings too. But, I also think you def have the perfect body to wear anything.


Claudia Kitten said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Claudia Kitten said...

I've just got some off of ASOS and I love them - you've styled them so well! I'm lusting over those Topshop scarf print leggings. I blogged about mine today and styled them with a black velvet top and plum coated jeans.
Claudia xxx

cs0jk said...

Wow definitely the best styling i've seen of platform converse yet and I love your hair X

CULT style

Unknown said...

Loveee the wig so much! I think I remember you saying you get them for cheap from a seller on ebay - do you have a link?! Im the mood for a hair change!
And the converse look really cool! Love that pencil skirt and floral top!
Actually, I was doing a spot of online shopping today and I bought a polo neck top - I was never a fan of them but I've heard you rave about how good they are at framing the face so I thought I'd give it a go!!

Drea xo

xxyy said...

super cool outfits! the first one is my favourite.xx

Anonymous said... this site have loads of those types of leggings, also in skirt form for such low prices aha thought it'd share it!for like £8 or something stupid xx

samecookiesdifferent said...

the chuck wedges are adorable!
LIKE your face ;)
X the cookies

sepatuholig-Grace Njio said...

LOVE converse big time!
this is a great post...

Secrets and passion said...

adore them leggings!


Thanks so much! I ADORE your blog! <3

Unknown said...

I love that you wear wigs ...I have a few as I get sick of my short hair (which I'm trying to grow) so I feel your pain.

Nicole x

Love Glasses said...

Love the black wig.

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