Thursday, 2 February 2012

Hey I heard you were a wild one

midi dress - topshop, cross jumper - asos, coat - topshop, creepers - office, bag - wholesale dress, necklace - topshop, socks - new look
Today I finally got round to posting some bits I sold on ebay and my Bigcartel shop and popped into town to pay in a cheque and of course have a little look round the shops. I was preying on finding the leggings I have been lusting after in Topshop, but unfortunately they weren't there :( I did however go a bit mad in the last of the jewellery sale, my favourite sale of all sales! Everything was reduced to £1.50 so I just grabbed everything in sight. I might even pop down again on Saturday to have another look, it's really worth stocking up as usually each item costs at least £8, so you do save a lot of money.

Today i'm wearing my new midi dress from Topshop. It's currently for sale for £36 but I picked this up on eBay for about £20. I hate paying full price for things so whenever I see something in a shop I usually just go home and buy it on ebay for a lot less! It's so so comfy and I can see myself throwing it on with anything this season as it's such a versatile piece. I bought this bag a while ago from, it is the perfect size and only cost me around 8 dollars!

Here's the bits I bought in the Topshop sale today...

And this is what the rest of my day looks like! Reading the new ASOS mag and doing a bit of uni work. I'm also SOOOO excited for the return of my boyfriend tonight. He's been in Las Vegas for the last week and I miss him crazzzy amounts. I can't wait till 11pm!



Lindsay Beth said...

i've got the asos cross jumper & the shorter version of the topshop t-shirt dress & i never would have thought of pairing the two together! definitely stealing this idea!!
i always love your styling x

B said...

I really want the petite version of that dress, if I bought the original version it would be a maxi dress ha! Loving the blog Lucy :D xox

Unknown said...

love the jumper and the jewellery looks awesome :) x

Superblondeep said...

amazing jewelery!!

Sian said...

I love that cross jumper! Great look!
... I think I need to go to the Topshop sales! I love some of those pieces c:
I hope you have a lovely rest of the day!xx

Anonymous said...

all that jewelry, beautiful!

Charmaine Cowland said...

Why does my local Topshop not have this £1.50 sale, I'm so envious on those bargain purchases! A that midi dress, i tried it on on saturday, don't you feel that the sizes come up large? Unfortunately they only had one size left in stock, jealous you've got it in your wardrobe too..
ps, cute cat!

GREEDS said...

How hilarious is it that we have the same exact desktop? Hah, coincidence. I love cats.

Those skull with pearl earrings are perfect and your outfit is so simple, yet... Not.

Stay amazing!

Unknown said...

Love you're style!!! amazing!!
visit my blog on
xoxo Marika

Myriam said...

nice dress :)

Claudia Kitten said...

I have the eye ring from Topshop! I really love the midi dress and how you've styled it.
Claudia xxx

Unknown said...

Your hair is amazing. Can't believe those bargains you got, you lucky girl! xxx

Unknown said...

Love your hair and the dress is gorgeous yet so simple x

Violet E. said...

wonderful <3

maphi bayolo said...

love the outfit , so cute and casual , dresses like these are the best loool you can stuff your face and no one will ever know :D xoxo

POONGIE said...

You r so unique!!!!!!!! Just love it

Eloise Passey said...

I love the way you have styled the midi dress, it looks amazing on you x

Eugene Marseille said...

You look amazing!


Georgia Meramo said...

Love this dress, I have it on today! I sense it becoming the next big thing in blogosphere seeing as practically everyone has it! xx

Laura said...

creepers, love it

The Blinding said...

you should upload the "grey dress" pictures to lookbook!!! :) xxx

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