Sunday 4 December 2011

New things

Did a little bit of Christmas shopping today, but obviously couldn't help treating myself to a few bits!

 Velvet and lace dress, £9.99, H&M
 AA disco pants, £50, eBay
 Chiffon glitter shorts, £14.99, H&M

 Gold metallic side slit dress, £20, Primark
 Pink feather earrings, £3, Primark
 Leopard print pencil skirt, £8, Primark

Cable knit pencil skirt, £10, Primark

Just a quick post, off to bed now.
Hope you all had a great weekend!



Unknown said...

Love the skirts!!

Olia Shamray said...

Same, I'm loving the skirts. Haven't been to primark in a while actually, need to check it out :)

Jen said...

oooo you got some great bits!!!

J x

Anonymous said...

no way is that top dress only a tenner! I am SO going to find it right now! hha xo

MissLucille said...

I <3 the gold dress! Gorgeous and festive.

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