Friday 23 December 2011


I thought i'd do a little feature on my blog every now and then... Me and my mum love a nice cocktail, and are always trying out new ones, especially over the festive season. Tonight we've made a very retro "Snowball", which is what your nan would have drunk back in the day (but only at Christmas time!). Advocaat is an egg based liqueur which is simply delicious!
Our cocktail cupboard!

To make a Snowball:
Mix 2 shots of Advocaat in a glass with a dash of lime, and fill up to the top with lemonade. Best served over ice. Drink with a candy cane straw for that extra bit of festivity!

You simply must try this cocktail!
Check back soon for my next one :)


Georgie said...

This looks delicious! Sadly I'm driving on xmas day so no cocktails for me :( Also just wanted to say I'm so jealous of how cheap you got your JC's in the post below, they're amazing! x

Annabelle Fleur said...

Wow, looks absolutely delicious, I am so excited to try it!!! Also wanted to say that I just love your hair, so modern and fresh!!!! Lovely blog, I am now following, maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


OneRedCherry said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nicol said...

Must be delicious, I'm a big cocktail lover, I've tried almost all types of cocktails, must try this yours!

Anonymous said...

you forgot the cherry on top! I love a good christmas snowball, it's a family tradition in my boyfriends family to like neck a glass before you start your dinner starter ( they're irish and looove a good drink) and since my first christmas with them im hooked but yeah... you need a cherry on top ;) xo

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