Monday 26 December 2011

Christmas 2011

My camera died so I barely got any photos, but here's a few from Christmas day. A very home-made dinner indeed, just how I like it! We made salmon, beef, paté and cucumber canopies (amazingly delicious!), mince pies, cocktails, and some weird and wonderful dishes, like sweet potato with melted marshmallows! I got lots of cute presents and bits and bobs, but these are a few of my favourites. I had a lovely day with my family and my boyfriend's family in the evening!

I got up early this morning to hit the boxing day sales - never been before and not what I thought, it wasn't all that cheap, so I won't be sacrificing a lie in next year! I did buy a few bits though...

 Coat - £85 down to £35 - Topshop sale
 Glitter knitted dress - £20 - River Island sale
 MTV top - £12 - River Island sale
 Blue velvet snake leggings - £15 - Topshop sale
Leopard top - £12 - Topshop sale

Have a nice Boxing day!



Charmaine Cowland said...

i'm so jealous of your jeffrey campbell boots!
hope you had a lovely christmas!

rachel said...

it's safe to say i'm jealous of your shoe collection, ha. :-) x

Anonymous said...

Wow those Jeffrey Campbell's look amazing! Totally jealous! Hope you had a great Christmas, please follow my blog I've only just started it :)

Unknown said...

omg!! Those mini pies look awesome! You are one lucky girl! Cute clothes and freaking AMAZING JC shoes!! AHH!!

Anonymous said...

those boots are incred!!

Jen said...

LOVE LOVE the Jeffs!

J x

Sheri | Flowers and Freckles said...

Wow! SOOO many lovely things here! The food looks amazing & super jealous of that dalmatian coat - lush! xx

Unknown said...

Loving your christmas presents, even more Jeffrey Campbells to add to your collection. I got the Lanas in leopard print and the glitter boots you already have, can't wait for them to arrive! x

naomielizee said...

Wow! You bought some incredible finds! Hope your holidays went well!


Anonymous said...

I am SO jealous that you got two pairs of Jc litas AND creepers. omgwad. Your blog is gorgeous!

Adele Pierri said...

So many great clothes!! Jealous :)

Goldilocks said...

I am very jelous of what you got for christmas :) the bue snakeskin leggings are fabulous :) i never find anything this nice, Also the leopard boots are adorable :) loving your blog xxx

Liberty Georgina said...

What lovely gifts! I'm very jealous of your leather skirt! I wanted one just like that from hennes but they sold out so quickly.
I didn't manage to look at boxing day sales, but I peeped online and sales were rubbish and still expensive!
Happy new year! xx

Rogue said...

You got so many lovely gifts! I'll be posting everything I got as soon as my last package comes in the mail too :) <3

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