Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Christmas Wishlist

Thought i'd share with you the things i've asked for for Christmas. There's nothing I really need when it comes to a main expensive gift, like a laptop or camera, so I only really want clothes and shoes!

Clockwise from left...
1. Topshop dalmatian print fur coat
2. MAC gift card
3. JC Lita Spike in white
4. River Island Versace-esque skinny jeans
5. Black Milk galaxies
6. Underground Creepers in pink
7. American Apparel disco shorts
8. A new leather jacket (with fur)
9. Topshop tutu
10. River Island metallic crop top

Just finished putting the Christmas decorations up, my house looks so cute and festive!


Forever Fashion said...

Those lita's are amazing!! I can't wait to get mine in black!! Love everything on ur list!! :D

Poppy Male said...

Theres sooo much I want from this post I love the pink creepers and the Jeffrey Campbell boots , I just bought some news ones online. And the american Apparel Shorts are cute :) Love this post xxx

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Julie T. Kirwan said...

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