Thursday 4 September 2014


DRESS: Vintage via Depop
TOP: Rihanna for River Island
BAG: My Luxury Taste*
SHOES & SOCKS: Public Desire*
SUNGLASSES: Quay* (here / here)

Hello guuuys, just a quick one today, my grandad passed away this morning so i'm not really in a chatty mood... :( but I wanted to get another blog post up as i'm feeling very motivated this month.

If you want to get chatted up by drunk old Scottish men, wear tartan. I didn't know there were so many Scottish men in my town but apparently so. They all swarmed to me, ha ha.




Grace and Charlotte said...

So sorry to hear about your Grandad. In a funny way this post reminds me of my Scottish Grandad. Definitely brought a smile to my face. Looking as beautiful as ever.

Unknown said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Grandad.

This outfit reminds me of clueless so much, looks like you've just walked out of the film set. I love it!

Louise Jennifer said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your granddad.
You look gorgeous, the red and yellow go together beautifully :)

Louise /

H O N E Y said...

want the bag ♥

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear about your grandad :( Love your outfit. Big fan of the tartan.


Emily Aranha said...

Love this outfit! The colors together are gorgeous.

xx E∆

Emmajane. said...

The colours are so perfect together together, love the whole look! X

Lucie said...

Sorry to hear about your grandad, I'm sure he'd be very proud of how far you've come with your blog.

I'm Scottish too and tartan always makes me feel patriotic, great outfit choice as usual!


Sysua said...

Septum> I'm in love

Collage Me Pretty said...

You look amazing, love the nose ring and heels! So sorry to hear about your grandad :(

Emma at

Unknown said...

aw my god so perfect! Love it xx

Oroma Roxella Rukevwe said...

Great outfit!x


Unknown said...

love this dress! you look amazing!


Jay said...

I'm so sorry about your grandpa :(

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