Monday, 22 September 2014


SEQUIN FLARES: Handmade by me for my Graduate Collection
TOP: Kelli McGuinness*
SHOES: Jeffrey Campbell via eBay, £40
SCARF: Vintage via Car boot sale, £3
BACKPACK: Russell & Bromley via The Apartment*
CHOKER: Miss Selfridge*
EARRINGS: Topshop, £2

When attending fashion week, I love to wear things that no one else could possibly be wearing - hence why I didn't choose to wear anything high street this season. Of course I had to debut these sequin flares which I made for my graduate collection, I have been waiting for the perfect opportunity! They definitely attracted a lot of attention (and weird stares from normal non-fashion people on the street). Just today, I sold them to a lovely lady in America who wanted to buy them for a festival she's going to... I am sad to see them go BUT so excited to see them in action on someone else! I have had so much interest in them, and am more than happy to make them to order if anyone else is interested. They're such a head turner and a must have for any brave rainbow loving lady! I paired them with the most adorable handmade knitted crop top by Kelli McGuinness, a designer I was introduced to over a year ago on my Cagecity meets shoot. Love her stuff SO much!

Day 2 began with a very fancy feeling chauffeur from our base to The Apartment. THE place to be in-between shows if you're a blogger. They honestly spoilt us so much and we had so much fun chilling there, drinking J2O, blogging between shows and catching up with fellow bloggers - so a big thank you to them and all the brands involved! They really know how to treat their bloggers.

We were picked up in a luxury car which had gifts from Wolford waiting on our seats. We felt like celebrities! We spent the morning munching "Apartment burgers" - specially made by GBK Covent Garden just for fashion week. Possibly the tastiest burger i've ever had, I hope they make it a permanent on the menu. It was another busy day, attending shows and taking street style snaps - one of my favourite things about fashion week. Everybody goes all out and the fabulous fashion people all swarm to Somerset House. Perfect for someone like me who is very inspired by street style. Even if you haven't got any show tickets, i'd still recommend going down to Somerset House just to have a look around, take some snaps and get a feel of the buzzing atmosphere. It's lots of fun, and great to meet people you've followed for a long time!


Currently listening to:  The Weeknd - Often (Kygo Remix)



Andini Ria said...

Gahhh this outfit is everything, you look so amazing! <3

Adventures of an Anglophile

Alice said...

you look great!!! loved your graduate collection xx

Rachel said...

you look amazing! hope you had a lovely time :)

Rachel x
Style Soup

Lena said...

ahh those pants are insane! you are such a babe and they look incredible on you x

Unknown said...

You look amazing! That food looks ace x

BerrieBlogs {beauty blog}

Unknown said...

You look amazing, those trousers are incredible! I loved your grad collection :)

Unknown said...

You're probably the only person who could pull those pants so good! I adore this look! Unique xx

Amber Dennett said...

Those sequin flares are amazing!!

Anonymous said...

woah this outfit is crazy but i love the flares haha

love katy @ THE RAWRDROBE ♡

Unknown said...

Those flares are bloody amazing and you look fabulous in them!

Megan xo
Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty & Fashion Blog

Unknown said...

Just amazing!

Dressed By S said...

Oh wow!
Now those are a killer
S xx

Chelsea Jade said...

You looked incredible in these trousers! I'm sure you'll get plenty of orders, congrats on your graduate collection by the way, it looked amazing x

Izzy said...

You made the flares? Wow they are so so amazing <3

The Quirky Queer

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