Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Tassles and yin yangs

TASSLE T-SHIRT: c/o Smut Clothing, £15
BOOTS: eBay, £25

Me and Smut, we got a thingggg goin on. Ha. Big thanks to Sascha at Smut Clothing for another fab tee. They are such good quality, and perfect to throw on with print leggings, denim cut offs or even just your knick-knocks ;) Love the nipple tassle print on this one! And best of all, it's only £15! So I think you should all go and buy one. Check out the naughty vicar tee too, that's another one of my faves!

I've been going a bit crazy shopping lately, made a bit of money selling some old clothes on eBay so I thought i'd treat myself. And by treat myself I mean spend every last penny I made. Check back tomorrow to see what I bought!



Charlotte said...

great leggings and love the tee!
- ordaining serendipity

Janna said...

funny leggings, I like them x

LydiaJaneHann said...

Love the tee and the shoes! x

Nadia-Francina said...

This is REALLY cool! I absolutely love your hair being a regular colour too, you look really pretty with it like that! :)

Jacqueline From Da Block said...

Awesome shirt! Smut is sickkkk. You look dope!

xx Jacqueline

Mju said...


Laila said...

Love this! The top is awesome and I'm a big fan of the yin yang symbol, wearing earrings of it now!

Laila x

maphi bayolo said...

love the outfit , i want those leggings !!!!! xoxo

Laura. said...

Love this top - I got these boots off ebay! Haven't worn them yet though because I slide around inside them ahha

Stylestrukk said...

That's probably the best tee I've ever seen lol! Love those leggings I need them!

Amy xx www.lipstickblack.blogspot.com

db said...

Lol. well money is made to be spent so no one can fault you for spending every penny. I absolutely adore the SMUT Tee. It's great smutty fun lol.
and your leggings are awesome when I scroll up and down some what quickly it almost looks as if the yin and yang are moving. lol
Hope your having a good week thus far!
Darling Bonnie

Unknown said...

Yes! Another great outfit! Love the balance between fitted t-shirt and leggings and chunkier shoe.


Abbie said...

Such fab leggings! I am obessed with funky leggings!


Anonymous said...

Ahaha omg, I'm exactly the same!! we're so bad! I spend basically all my ebay money too. Make that all my money in general =/

GemEmerald said...

Love your outfit hun you look so unique and cool :) I am the same i have been doing car boot sales to sell some of my large collection of stuff then i end up just spending every penny iv made on more stuff clothes etc.I saw you wearing a Yin yang necklace on a blog post and i liked it, then yesterday in my local charity shop (which i seem to live in lately) i got watch with a large yin yang on it for about £1 was really happy with it.Looking forward to seeing your latest buys, you have great taste. Gem x

Helen at THELOVECATSINC said...

that tshirt is fantastic!


helen @ http://thelovecatsinc.blogspot.com

Megan said...

i LOVE the leggings! They're such a great piece to focus on, and the pattern is amazing!:)

Anonymous said...

love your ying yang leggins! xxxx

ani said...

Your leggins are fab! Can't believe i just said fab, but they really are!

Abi Tottenham-Smith said...

loooove this outfit! youve got such a great bod! xx

Vintage.gal said...

You are too FAB! :)

Sonum said...

love this look! The leggings are awesome

Jen said...

oooo like the naughty-ness of this tee.
those chunky boots are too awesome.

Electric Reflection said...

this top is amazing, love your style!

Chelsea Jade said...

You look great, this tee is amazing!! And I really want some Yin Yang Leggings, will have to check out eBay x

BERRY-DEW said...

Heeey your style is soo unique and I love it!!! If you like you can also check my blog ;)


Gaby de Modacapital said...

such an original outfit, love you pants!

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