Friday, 18 May 2012

Forever Unique - beautiful party dresses, perfect for your prom!

School prom soon? Read on...

I'm so excited to be blogging about this beautiful dress! I was sent it to review from the lovely people at Forever Unique, and I am absolutely in love with it! I wish it was 2008 and I had the opportunity then - I would totes wear it for my prom!

Forever Unique sell a great selection of absolutely fabulous dresses. You'll have seen them on quite a few celebrities, they are the most amazing quality and make you feel like a princess! This dress is the Evie coral dress - it's currently sold out online but is in stock in ivory colour here.

So if your prom is coming up, or a special occasion, then promise me you will check out Forever Unique's website! You'll fall in love with everything and there is certainly a dress for everyone, as they have lots of gorgeous styles.

I went for a fun little photo shoot in the woods today with my friend Amy to get some shots of this fab dress, unfortunately I do not have any special events coming up to wear it but I am honoured to have got to wear it even for just a couple of hours!


Love Lucy


Unknown said...

Love the details!! I'll be needing a dress similar to that soon!

Check out my blog?

ASH said...

Ahh you lucky girl! That skirt is gorgeous!

Esm said...

The dress is gorgeous! I love the whole look :)

Sarah // DOTTY said...

How are you floating in this one?!

Unknown said...

this dress is gorgeous, you look stunning :) I love your flower crown too!! Pretttttty lady <3 xx

Elle said...

this dress is amazing! i'm jealous

Anonymous said...

it looks so pretty on you! gah!

Janna said...

Wow, it looks like some dress from a fairytale, it's amazing xx

Megan said...

w.o.w! Such a gorgeous dress, especially with the woodland behind it. I love how you paired that jacket with it too!

Elizabeth Daisy. said...

Absoloutly gorgeous dress, I love it and the photographs you've taken with to style it!

Eda ♥


Rachel, Cold Knees said...

you lucky thing, what a stunning dress! Love the photo shoot with it, you look amazing! xo

Anonymous said...

love the dress and the photos
Great blog!!!

Sara S

Unknown said...

This dress is so lovely! :)

Eleanor J said...

so beautiful! xx

Zoe Amelia said...

This dress is a beauty and the photos are fab :) Question: Are you floating on one of them??? It looks like you are, haha!

Imo said...

such a pretty dress, I like the roses in your hair too.

Maëva D. said...

wow my favorite shooting here! You look as stunning as the dress! Everything is perfect!

Armelle said...

You're so beautiful, this dress looks awesome on you!


Anonymous said...

Evie is in stock and is available at It looks great on this photoshoot!!

Joanne said...

Wow fab dress, the photo's are so nice!

joanne from

Gaby de Modacapital said...

amazing dress, love the colour!!!

Unknown said...

I wore a forever unique dress for my prom, it's such a beautiful dress and I was the only one with a dress like it!

beautiful jewellery said...

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online, Just prepare for my wedding.

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