Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Tutorial: DIY Urban Outfitters Cross Tee

I think pretty much every fashion blogger has seen the famous leopard print cross t-shirt from Urban Outfitters:

Well i'm gonna show you how to make one like this virtually identical!
You will need:
  • plain white t-shirt (or black, or any colour of your choice)
  • leopard print fabric (look in charity shops for a leopard skirt or something)
  • bondaweb (you can get this from any craft/sewing shop)
  • iron
  • ironing board
  • scissors
1) I didn't like the collar/sleeves/hem on my t-shirt, so I altered them buy cutting them to my liking. You can do this however you want!
2) Put your t-shirt aside. Get your leopard print fabric, and draw on a cross. You can print off a template or just draw freehand, it's up to you. If you fold the fabric, you can just draw half of the cross, cut it out and it will be symmetrical on both sides of the cross.
3) Place your cross under the bondaweb with the right side facing down and the rough side of the bondaweb facing down onto the cross, and draw round it with a pen/pencil, just do a few dotted lines so you know where to cut. Remove the cross and cut out the bondaweb, it should be a perfect fit to your cross. The bit sticking out on my cross, I used the gap above the other side of the bondaweb for that bit, so avoid wasting any.

4) Go to your ironing board, and place the rough/sticky side of the bondaweb on top of the back of the cross. Iron them together, go over it a few times to make sure that its really stuck down.

5) Wait 30 seconds then peel off the paper backing of the bondaweb, and you should be left with a rough surface on the back of your cross.

6) Give your t-shirt a quick iron so it is a nice flat surface, then place the cross onto the t-shirt right side up. Position it where you want it, then iron it down.

7) Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa! It's basically the same as the real thing. Apart from the Urban Outfitters one costs £28, and mine cost about £2 overall.


Valencia said...

Omg this genius!!! I will definitely be trying this! awesome tutorial :)

Rinny Riot said...

Yours looks better than the one at URBN! I'm going to try this out with galaxy print fabric.

Le Stage said...

Oh thats such a cool idea! Thanks!

lauraelizabeth said...

great idea! I love your blog x

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