Thursday 8 September 2011

Charity shop

If you didn't know, every Thursday I work as a volunteer in a charity shop called Keech Hospice Care. I actually don't mind not getting paid, cos I get first dibs on all the clothes!

A lot of people keep asking me on Tumblr, "what is a charity shop" (they obviously don't live in the UK) but they are so so common here! Basically it is a shop owned by a charity, people donate their unwanted goods and they are sold usually quite cheap (depending on the area/wealth of the town) and all profits go to helping the cause of the charity, in this case patients in a hospice, so it goes to help them and their families, and for funeral costs etc if they can't afford it themselves.

I also get a lot of messages like "oh my god how do you find such amazing things in charity shops whenever I go it's all granny clothes" and "what charity shops do you go to", people seem to think I go to some magical amazing charity shops that only sell nice things! Trust me I do not, they are ALL the same, I can't say that enough! You just have to have an eye for it, rummage through and be imaginative, think how you can customise something. And one day you might go in and find nothing, the next you might pick up some really nice bits. It just depends on what has been donated that day and if you get lucky. I agree most of it is granny clothes, but that's the stuff I buy! Large shirts I just wear "oversized" with a belt and leggings, granny jumpers well they may look old but they are perfect for the winter! 

I took some photos of the shop I work in today, to give you an idea what a charity shop looks like:

 And to update you on some of my recent purchases, here are some of my faves:

 Aztec print jumper, £3, charity shop

 Floral top, £3, charity shop

 Leopard print shorts, £4, charity shop

 Vintage skirt, 30p, car boot sale

 Granny jumper, 30p, car boot sale

 Vintage skirt, 30p, boot sale

 Studded belt, 20p, boot sale

 Guns and Roses top, £1, boot sale

 Brown fur coat, £2, boot sale

 Light brown fur coat, £2, bootsale
 Spike bracelet, 99p, charity shop

 Silver jewellery, 99p each, charity shop

 Sheer paisley shirt, £1.99, charity shop

 H&M knitted jumper, £2.99, charity shop

 Multi pearl necklace, £2.50, charity shop

Jack Daniels top, £3.99, charity shop. Bit more than I usually pay but i've wanted one for ages.

And this is what i'm doing for the rest of the day... laptop, bed and junk food!


B said...

Heya! I just want to say I love your blog and all the amazing finds you post. I'm totally hooked on charity shops and have been for years, theres only 3 in my town which isn't great but I find what I can in them :). Anyway, love your style, your hair and how you always seem to get amazing things for under a fiver ;) xoxox

Jen said...

OMG I could cry out of jealous.
ALL those amazing finds for under a fiver.

J x

Unknown said...

We had our wedding here, and everything was perfect! Top charities to donate to were a wonderful wedding hostess and I felt in good hands the entire day. The church looked absolutely beautiful with all of the candles lit. Reverend Doug didn't miss a beat when a child started crying in the middle of our vows, and even knew how to make me laugh when tears threatened to ruin my make-up….top charities to donate to

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