Saturday, 17 September 2011

Casino & Jumble Sale Finds

I went to a casino last night for my friend's 20th birthday. I've never been to one before, it was SO FUN! I went with £30 and left with £65, and I bought cheesy chips and some drinks and even after that I was £35 up! I can see how it can be addictive though, you need to know when to stop, and when to gamble or walk away! I didn't know how to play any of the games but got the hang of it in the end and really enjoyed it!

It was full of old men though and 7 of us walked in wearing dresses and heels, we got the usual looks from the old pervs haha but it was fun and a rich man who was chatting us up gave my friend £100 worth of chips and said go treat yourself for your birthday! How lucky is she!

This morning I went to two jumble sales! I got so much stuff and only spent about £8. This lot I got at the first one for £3.90, including scarves, vintage clothes, christmas knit jumper, belts and a purse:

And this is what I got at the second one; more clothes, a fox tail, vintage bag etc:

 Vintage aztec bag and jumper

 Tooth charm

 Fox tail and cat umbrella

Overall a successful morning!


TheStylePlaylist said...

hey you're wearing the dlsw chanel t shirt i made a while back!! love it! i like how you shredded it to!

Anonymous said...

whereabout do you find out about local jumble sales? love your blog!

Lucy Rance said...

In the local newspaper :) thank you!

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