Thursday, 11 August 2011

Tutorial: DIY Splashed Bleach Shorts

So a lot of people have asked me how I did my "splashed effect" bleached shorts that I put in my giveaway. It's like the easiest thing ever so anyone can do it!

You will need:

  • A pair of shorts (I used a pair of old high waisted jeans and cut them into shorts)
  • A bottle of thick bleach (the one you use to clean toilets)
That's it! And make sure you do it outside because you DO NOT want to get bleach anywhere in your house!

 1) Lay them on the floor, I did it in my garden

2) Get your bleach and literally just sprinkle it on

 3) Leave them to soak, I just put them on the garden table, so somewhere where it doesn't matter if bleach drips onto it.

 4) They should now look something like this

5) Put them in the washing machine, on their own, and turn it to any option similar to "Freshen up/Rinse"

 6) When you have rinsed them, hang them out to dry and you're done!



  1. oh they look pretty awesome!!

  2. LOVE !!

    Erika xx


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