Wednesday 24 August 2011

Bedroom makeover!

It took us (me, my mum and my dad) 2 days to actually clean, move around etc. It’s SO small yet it takes me sooo long to tidy it! So I gave it a good clean, had a big clear out, got a new mattress, bedding and canopy for my bed, organised my drawers, and it looks sooooooo much better! It looks so much bigger too, even though it’s so small.

This is it before, disgusting right?! I’m awful at keeping it tidy.
We completely emptied it and turned my bed round the other way, luckily my new Laura Ashley bed frame (bargain at £77 on eBay) fit perfectly!
I wish I didn’t have so much stuff, because it’d be so tidy and look like this all the time!

I kept getting distracted by The Sims! Which is probably why it took me so long. It’s so addictive, p.s. how pretty is my Sim?!

I got some gorgeous new bedding from Ikea for £15. My wallpaper is quite a busy pattern so I can’t have any bedding that’s too floral.
I got a new mattress and new bedding and it looks SO cosy, don’t you just want to dive in!?!?!?!?!
Cushions, I love the union jack. Ignore that ugly lamp, it went in the bin and I bought a new one :)
Chest from eBay for around £30. Found this cute cross in my garage! Photo of me and my mum on my prom day :)
My cute photo heart
My chest of drawers. It was gross and brown, I bought it from eBay for £16, went and collected it, painted it with pink Laura Ashley paint, put new glass knobs on and it turned out quite cute :)
Bits and bobs on the top including vintage glass things, perfume bottle, great nan’s old mirror and jewellery.
My new canopy! I love it and it was only £7 from Ikea. I feel like a little girl again in a princess tent lol. My boyfriend isn’t too fond (we share a bedroom, he lives with me) but he will have to get over it :)
How cosy! That’s my new lamp, £16.99 from Dunelm. My laptop with the Sims Social game on Facebook, I am addicted it haha.
Last one I promise :) but it cracked me up, we had to roll up the mattress to fit it in the car to take it to the dump… well by we I mean my mum and dad, they had to sit on it to squash it lol.



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