Wednesday, 3 August 2011


I'm very sorry, i'm just so addicted to Tumblr that I have neglected my poor blogspot. I promise to start posting more on here :)

So i'll start with what i've been up to lately! I went to visit my nan in Newquay, Cornwall on Thursday, then went to Weymouth for 1 night on Monday, then to Monkey World, and got home yesterday. It was a lovely few days and I did LOADS of charity shop shopping! Since I last posted I also went to Tenerife with my boyfriend.

It's my birthday this Friday (5th August) and my boyfriend got me a Macbook Pro! So i'm suuuper happy and have been on it every second of every day ever since (he gave me it a couple of weeks early, it had already arrived and I couldn't bare to put it away till my birthday!).

Here are some photos of things i've bought and things i've done recently!

 Frozen Daquiri cocktail!
 Delicious food in our favourite restaurant Watermelon in Tenerife, overlooking the sea
 Me by the fountains in Tenerife
 My favourite bikini bottoms!
 As you can tell I LOVE black and white stripes
 My boy in the cute booths at a club in Tenerife
 The amazingly cute monkeys at Monkey Park Tenerife!
 Sequin top, £4, charity shop in Newquay
 Vintage Christian Dior tights, 50p each, charity shop
 Bag, £3.99, glasses, £1.49, charity shop
 Vintage metallic dress, £3.99, charity shop
 Vintage Dr Martens, £15, vintage store called Enjoy Clothing in Truro
 Boots, £8, car boot sale
 Foundations 90p each, fake tans £1.50 each, cleanser 50p, USB port thing 50p
 Leather shorts, £9, Topshop sale
 Polkadot shirt, £1.99, charity shop
 Vintage red blazer, £2.99, charity shop
 Leopard print fabric £1.99, House of Holland tights £1.49, bow tie 50p, belts 25p each, all charity shop
 The amazing vintage shop I went to in Truro, called Enjoy Clothing
 The badges in Enjoy Clothing
 Sunbathing on the beach in Weymouth, it was so hot!
 My mummy at the cocktail bar we went to in Weymouth...
 ...we also had an amazing view of the fireworks from our table, which were to celebrate the water sport Olympics being held there next year!
 The view from our B&B, we woke up to this, so relaxing hearing the sound of the waves in the night!
Me enjoying a strawberry Daquiri in the cocktail bar!




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