Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Recent purchases

Vintage Ronni Nicole glittery cardigan. £4.99, charity shop

So i've already posted all of these pictures on my Tumblr but to get this blog up and running I thought i'd post them here too. These are some of the things i've bought recently, mostly from car boot sales. As you can see I buy a lot of things, but I don't spend much :)
 Floral wide-leg trousers, £12, Primark
 Creme dress with horse print. Reminded me of Miu Miu a little bit, £6, Primark
 Lace trim crop top, £8, Primark
 Miu Miu knock offs, £26, Ebay
 Studded purse, £2, Primark
 Lace trainers, £6, Primark
 Mac Face and Body foundation, £19, Ebay. Don't really like it though, doesn't go nice on my skin, selling it on ebay. Click here to buy :)
 Leather jacket and denim skirt, both Zara, £1 each from the car boot sale
 Striped tops, 30p each, boot sale
 Various colourful items, 30p each, boot sale
 Topshop items, 50p each, boot sale
 More random items - sequin blazer, glitter cardi, maxi skirt, make-up bag, all about 50p each, boot sale
 Heart photo holder, hangs on wall. £2, boot sale
Spikes & chains platforms, £25, River Island sale

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  1. I'm jealous! :D I would love to be able to buy so many pretty things at less than a pound each (referring to all the stuff you've got off car boot sales). Too bad I can't seem to find any in London - no big surprise there ;)

    I hope you'll find blogspot with nicer people. And I hope you'll find something that both your bf and you can agree on for your 1 year anniversary. Congrats on that!


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