Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A fresh start

Hello...To no one that is reading. My name is Lucy, i'm 18 years old and live in Hertfordshire, England. I have decided to focus more on Blogspot than Tumblr - I want to take my blogging journey onwards and upwards. I'm hoping people here are a bit more mature, friendlier and less bitchy! I plan to post mostly photos of the things I do, places I go, bargains I find in charity shops, photos I take, tutorials on customising clothes, all that sort of thing. Much more personal than my Tumblr blog. So hi :) Please take the time to check back every now and then, I hope you like my new blog.


Nesha said...

Your beautiful and your hair is amazing. Love it! :D


I started from your most recent post and ready all the way up to your very first post! I love your blog and your sense of style! You have inspired me! I found you through your youtube channel which I LOVE!

Elána said...

I did the same thing Jessica ^... absolutely love your style! It made me chuckle when you said no one is reading your blog anyways. I just started my blog and I can relate. Check me out plan on posting more! Your blog has grown and Im hoping for the same. New subbie :))

MANOOOL said...
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