Tuesday 3 January 2017

my 2016 highlights

2016 was the best year of my life. I did more travelling than ever before, went to 10 festivals and holidayed with my love. I'm so excited for 2017 and what it will bring! Here's some of my highlights of the year...

I went travelling solo
The 7th March 2016 was one of the toughest days of my life; leaving my family, friends and boyfriend to fly 13 hours across the globe to begin my backpacking journey all on my own. I will never forget the feeling of saying goodbye to Will at the airport... let's just say I cried all the way to Bangkok. And then cried some more. Travelling was amazing, and i'm glad I did it solo, but it made me realise I never, ever want to travel on my own again. I returned early 6 weeks later because being away from home all got a bit too much. 2017 will be filled with lots more trips away, but this time with a friend/my boyf by my side!
the dreamiest turquoise water at Maya Bay, Thailand
I went to lots of festivals
I attended a total of 10 festivals last year - how on earth did I fit them all in?! I swear I was at a festival every single weekend over the summer. I discovered new ones like Lost Village and Outlook, and re-visited my all time faves, Secret Garden Party and Bestival.
Here's some of my highlights...
Lost Village with this gang was beautiful!
our home for the weekend at V Festival, Chelmsford. Just made me want a campervan even more
all day partying at Outlook festival in beautiful Croatia
double Confetti wedding at the Bestival inflatable church! Best day ever!

the sparkly camp gang at Secret Garden Party
I spent 2 weeks in Italy with my best friend
Even though 2 weeks here cost more than 2 months in Asia, it was so worth it. Travelling around Italy with Will, from Venice to Pompeii, was one of the best trips i've ever done! Highlights of this trip: Vespa tour around the Florence countryside, rooftop drinks in every city, seeing the Colosseum IRL, and Herculaneum was incredible.

Burano, Venice - the rainbow island of dreams

We did our first mummy daughter holiday
I ticked off another city on my list, Barcelona! In 24 years we've never been on holiday just us, and Barcelona was the perfect place to go. Endless tapas restaurants, good wine & sightseeing.

Confetti Crowd turned 2
I'm so proud of us and all we have achieved in the last 2 years! Never did I think things would take off quite like they have. We've got so much planned for 2017 already. We want to show we are more than just girls who dress colourfully. Our main goal is to work with tonnes of charities supporting girls worldwide. Some of my 2016 highlights... working on campaigns with Topshop, Ribena, Estee Lauder, Dr Martens, Zandra Rhodes, Illamasqua and many more. Also being featured some magazines like Disorder & Debut!

I had a big birthday party
I had the best birthday to date! Will's birthday is 4 days before mine which means double birthday celebrations every year forever, yay! We had all our best friends at my house for a big colourful bash with volleyball, a bouncy castle, jacuzzi, and every cocktail you can imagine.

2017 goals to follow...


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