Monday, 26 September 2016


wearing Rocket Dog "Rainy Sprocket Rubber Hi-Tops"
I've just about recovered from the busiest summer ever and we ended it in true Confetti Crowd style at one of our all time faves, BESTIVAL! I was lucky enough to attend this year with Rocket Dog who provided the shoes for 4 days of dancing (and rain).

I bounced on the world's biggest bouncy castle, stayed in the cutest luxury tipi, boogied all night long, wore my sassiest outfits in the last smidgen of summer sun and even GOT MARRIED at the inflatable chapel!

Bestival is up there in my top 5 favourite festivals, so thank you Rocket Dog for making it the most memorable one. I'm really sad that festival season is officially over as i'm at my happiest camping with friends and dancing in fields, but I have lots to look forward to for next year. 


wearing Rocket Dog "Rainy Sprocket Rubber Hi-Tops"



Hayley - Eszti said...

You dreamy human! So glad you had such a blast, pretty gutted I missed the biggest bouncy castle :( Also, that rainbow hair is everythingggggg!

Hayley-Eszti |

alice bea said...

Looks like such a great time!

topvouchers code said...

So cute! You look adorable in them all!

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