Tuesday, 6 October 2015


photos by Tigerlilly Winfield

trousers // River Island
top // car boot sale - 50p
jacket // charity shop - £5
shoes // Public Desire*
hat // H&M
bag // vintage Versace

Isn't it weird how the outfits you think you hate at the time turn out to be one of your favourites? I almost didn't even shoot this outfit I wore recently as I felt really frumpy in it - but now I love it! I felt like going all Kimmy K when I bought these suede culottes, they have become such a statement piece in my wardrobe for Autumn/Winter. Autumn is my favourite season for fashion - I can't wait to bring out all my favourite fur coats, fluffy hats and winter boots.


Currently listening to: Rationale - Fast Lane (major Kygo vibes!)



thefashion-junkie said...

In love with your jacket. I can't believe it only cost you a fiver #bargain X


Adele said...

love your jacket and backpack, can't go wrong with vintage versace


Hannah said...

This is such a great outfit! Love the culottes and that fantastic jacket! x


Unknown said...

So in love with these shoes <3 xx


Unknown said...

the heels are to die for! i'm in love <3


Aine O said...

omg how do you do it?? all your outfits are amazing!

Aine Oh

Laura. said...

Gorgeous and daring!

Anything & Everything | Bloglovin'

LAM said...

I really love your jacket- it's gorgeous!

Jayne Emma said...

Love how all the pieces collectively look together - need to invest in a pair of culottes they just look so good!x


Abigail said...

These photos look amazing! Love this outfit <3


Unknown said...

you look amazing !

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