Monday 12 October 2015


Excuse the lateness, but I wanted to share some photos from one of my fave shows at fashion week this season - queen of sass, sparkle, print, fluff and leather, Clio Peppiatt! I went along with my Confetti Crowd girls as we are all huge fans of Clio's beautiful, creative and colourful designs - such a treat for the eyes! I can only dream of owning one of Clio's magical creations.




thefashion-junkie said...

Wow! I need that pink faux fur coat in my life. It's so sassy lol X


Adele said...

wish I had seen this for myself- soo good

Abigail said...

This collection is stunning!

Elizabeth J. Neal said...

The top 10 Fall 2015 fashion trends. From '80s-style shoulder pads to crisp white coats, here's your ultimate guide to the season's top trends. Fall Fashion Trends

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