Monday, 9 March 2015


SKIRT: River Island
BAG: Baia Bags*
HAT: Charity shop, £2

This weekend Sarah and I took an impromptu trip to Paris; mainly to experience a little bit of Parisian fashion week, visit The Apartment & do lots of sightseeing. I've been twice before so I had a good idea of where to go and the best way to get around - the Metro is pretty confusing if you can't speak/read French, so we ended up Uber'ing everywhere, which in a way is 10x better as you actually get to see the city as you travel around! The Uber drivers in Paris also seem to be so much nicer and politer than those in London, which made our trip so fun - we ended up making friends with the first guy who picked us up from the station and we now have him on Snapchat - LOL.

We did lots of shopping - which is interesting when you and your friend have completely different taste! Sarah took me to Sephora (i'm not a huge make-up freak) so I dragged her to the little village of Montmartre for ice creams and a spot of vintage shopping, which was laaaavely. We ended the day with cocktails, beers, and my favourite French dish, mussels in white wine sauce (with bread and chips to dip, yum). We only had 2 days in Paris so definitely made the most of our time!

I've never been on the Eurostar before (i've either used the Euro Tunnel and driven, or taken the ferry to Calais, and even took a coach to Paris once which was the worst experience ever) - and i'd definitely recommend it if you're thinking of a trip to Paris! It's so so so quick, goes straight from London St Pancras and only takes a couple of hours. There's even 4G under the sea which made our journey much more enjoyable!

Paris is definitely one of my all time favourite cities, i'd love to go back for longer next time and check out more of the non-touristy parts of the city.


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Jointy&Croissanty said...

I adore Paris and your pictures are awesome! Both of you look fantastic!

NataliesStyle said...

Those drinks looked lush! Need to save a bit and just go and buy loads

Unknown said...

I need to go to Paris! xx

VanessaVonJames | Fashion Blog

Jen said...

great shots Lucy - I need to visit Paris keep hearing the Vintage is cheap x

Emmajane. said...

I've never been, but as expected it looks stunning! Fab photo's by the way! X

Black and Navy on the blog-


Cool! :)

MILEX said...

Virgos and Kisses said...

So amazing! x

Jem said...

Wow sounds like an ideal weekend! Great photos as well!

Unknown said...

Amazing photos! You look so perfect.

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos I really need to go to Paris!

Graceandbraver said...

Looks so beautiful! Hope you both had a fab time xxx

Laura said...

Beautiful photos! Paris is amazing!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! Love your outfits! X Minale

Unknown said...

Beyond beautiful! I'd love to visit Paris someday.

Just Gigi // Fashion + Life
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Inga said...

looks like someone is selling your pants as "vintage" xd

Oroma Roxella Rukevwe said...

Oh love this, I need to visit Paris some day!

/ O.R.R.

Anonymous said...

Ahh your pictures are so lovely! definitely giving me wanderlust :) I really want to go to paris soon.

JJ x

A d e l i n e said...

Love both of your coats <3
If you want to visit a cool french city, you should try Lille, I live there, it's like a mini-Paris but closer to UK, it has a lot of things to offer, people are nicer and it's beautiful, you should really come and see for yourself. ;)

Georgina Hart said...

I love all of your trainers! I really need to invest in some sassy pairs!!

Zara said...

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Hill said...

i love paris.. the city of love....

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