Sunday, 26 October 2014


DRESS: Missguided*
SKIRT: Motel Vintage*
FUR SCARF: River Island via Car boot sale, £1
SHOES: Nike Air Max 90
BAG: Zatchels*
EARRINGS: Handmade by me

This Missguided shirt-dress has become such a favourite piece in my wardrobe - I loveeee wearing black and white outfits with a pop of colour. I wore this outfit a while ago to a party during LFW, and these neon Nikes always get a lot of attention! Although I hate wearing them out out, cos I don't want them to get dirty ever, hence why they're never been on the blog before. Yes i'm weird like that, but they're my babies.

Hope everybody had a lovely weekend! I'm suuuuper excited for Halloween weekend.





Anonymous said...

stunner! love the accents of green.... as for the nikes not getting dirts i know what u mean :).... love the look bbz xoxoxo

Amanda said...

OMG you are so cool!!!!

Unknown said...

KICKS. Gimme.


Rachel said...

gorgeous outfit, i love your scarf!

Rachel x
Style Soup

Julia in Disguise said...

Blaady love this look! Gorgeous x
Julia in Disguise| UK Fashion Blog

Vil said...


Unknown said...


Laura. said...

Very unique and stylish, love the earrings!

Panty Buns said...

Your Missguided Danka Daisy Print Maxi Shirt is a beautiful and versatile outfit piece! I love it and also love the bright neon colour of your Nike Air Max 90 shoes.

Unknown said...

I love the fluoro accents! Great look :)

Jodie said...

You look great I love your trainers.
I don't think you're weird wanting to protect them- I'm like that with clothes too

Amber Dennett said...

Love the layering


Blanca M. said...

Lovely ^^

becca lea said...

Love Love Love this look! The earrings are adorable!


Izzy said...

Super super coool <3

The Quirky Queer

Mikka said...

amazing style, you look beautiful! <3

Unknown said...

I really like your Blog! Awesome Photos and interesting Stuff. Do you want to support each other and follow via GFC? If yes please tell me and i follow back. Lets stay in touch. :)

Greetings Sophia xx
M Y B L O G.
I N S T A G R A M.

Emily Aranha said...

Love those airmax 90's!

xx E∆

Kat Marie said...


Mara Almeida said...

You loo absolutely amazing! Love the dress x

BLOG | Talking Pickles

Abigail said...

Great outfit, i love how you've styled your hair!

Collage Me Pretty said...

Wow, this outfit is so edgy and cool. Loving your hair too!

Emma at

Mel said...

those neon nikes tho


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