Sunday, 19 October 2014


FUR COAT: Handmade by me (email to purchase)
TOP: Ukulele*
SKIRT: Lasula*
SHOES: Missguided*
BAG: Vintage via Car boot sale, £1
CHOKER: Miss Selfridge*

Hello my lovelies! I have missed you. I have recently started my new job at my all time favourite label Motel Rocks... and I am LOVING it! Commuting into London every day means I don't get a lot of time to blog but i've decided to get it all done at the weekend so that I can continue with regular blog posts for you all. I'm getting to do a bit of everything - social media, blogger outreach, creative directing/styling shoots, party planning... it's such a dream! And means i'm in the city every day which I loveeeee.

This fabulous fur coat is from my graduate collection and I am currently making them to order in any colour/size - just email me for info and to order one. It's super high quality 100% Mongolian lambs fur, fully lined and so fluffy I wanna die! I wore this outfit to a party over London Fashion Week and think the fur adds so much sass to any outfit.





Unknown said...

Omg you look amazing! I can't believe you made that coat - its gorgeous!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

So this is where you selfies are from! Your make up is too beautiful. Have you considered doing a car boot sale post giving like advice or sharing your fave ones to go to? I really want to get into them xx

Unknown said...

love the pink fur coat , it look so adorable on you !
want them so badly

Lola Spooks said...

Love love love the skirt!

Unknown said...

This look is amazing! I'm in love with the coat!

Jodie said...

You look awesome- the fur jacket is out of this world; excellent craftsmanship :)
Glad to hear you're enjoying your job

Unknown said...

This is such a lovely outfit! x x x

Unknown said...

Can't get over the fact that you made that coat, it's absolutely amazing! Love this outfit xx

A Fashion Tale // UK Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

Inês Aniceto said...


Alice said...

you're so talented. plus love those shoes! congrats on the new job, might see you round london sometime xx

Panty Buns said...

love the colour of your lipstick and your nailpolish, the look of your lacy sheer Ukulele top and your Miss Selfridge choker. You look lovely.

This Is Lavinya said...

that jacket is utter talent! you look so pretty in pink!

thefashionkidd said...

you are perfect!! this jacket… WOW.

Elizabeth Daisy. said...

Oh my days this coat is beautiful lovely - I want one!! I'm addicted to anything fluffy, furry or feathered at the moment.

Elizabeth x |

Emmajane. said...

I have no idea how you could have made this coat, but you have some serious talent girl! X

Anonymous said...

♥ ♥

Unknown said...

This coat looks amazing! So fluffy!

Martha at Lawless Lifestyle xx

Emily Aranha said...

That coat is sooooo amazing! I'll be saving to purchase one hopefully soon. Love your work Lucy!

xx E∆


Amber Dennett said...

Love this whole look. I really want a moschino bag!


Unknown said...

Such a beautiful look! Love your fur coat! Well done on your new job!! Definitely an amazing opportunity!



beautiful fur

Toyin said...

You have amazing talent, being able to handmake all these clothes. Your job sounds like my dream job!

Elána said...

❤ the coat & heels

Unknown said...

Omg, the fur coat is just amazing! LOVE

Tanya said...

Love it!

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Johnson said...
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