Wednesday 5 June 2013


Five outfit ideas for five different holidays...
TOTAL: £170

This is probably my favourite look. I'm a sucker for a printed twosie, and this baby would look AMAZING paired with all white accessories, perfect to dance the night away in Thailand (my DREAM holiday). I love the tropical print which would definitely stand out in a crowd. The sunnies would take me from morning to evening and these fab Vagabond sandals will keep my feet cool, whilst still providing comfort AND cute factor! 

TOTAL (excluding camera & vintage bag): £180

Ok so excluding the camera obviously (a girl can dream), and the bag was a one off vintage piece, but you could definitely find one similar at a charity shop for around £5. I saw a pair of these shoes go on eBay for around £70 a while back, so I know you can get them a lot cheaper than the above link. (I've included the eBay price in the total). If you're thrifty like me you'll ALWAYS look on eBay for something before buying it new. The shoes could always be exchanged for some black jelly shoes or comfy creepers. I'm in love with this banana print twosie, which will surely turn some heads wandering around Paris. It's not always hot there so the jacket will come in handy walking along the river when it's a bit breezy. I love to stand out in a crowd and this dream of an outfit will definitely insure that I do!

TOTAL: £223.96

I couldn't help but slip over the £200 mark, but I think this look is so chic and very easy to pull off. The embellished twosie doesn't need much accessorising at all, so I went with some simple strappy heels, a matching city bag and a layer of Mac Rebel, my favourite lippy for a night out. I'd pair it with a sleek, tight bun and tanned pins, perfect for a cocktail (or 5) with the girlies.

TOTAL: £156

This would be a cute casual shopping outfit for me - you can pick up Levi's jeans like these for £5-20 on eBay, or even £1-4 at a car boot sale, you just gotta have an eye for a bargain. Never pay the crazy prices that vintage stores are asking, they're just ripping you off! You never know when it's gonna rain in England, so the daisy print rain mac is a must! For shopping, especially on Oxford street, you need super comfy shoes so these girly Nike Air Max are perfect. Never pay full price for them, shops have put up their prices because they've become so popular recently. Always try eBay! I found a few pairs similar to these which sold from £40-80.

TOTAL: £160

I love this summery little dress by MinkPink, one of my fave brands - it's so perfect for Ibiza and can be dressed up or down. I chose to dress it down with chunky sandals (you'd look stupid in heels in the big Ibiza clubs!) for a casual look. Usually they are £90 but i've seen lots on eBay sell for £50-70. You can get similar bumbags in Primark right now for just £6, what a bargain! Pair the look with a messy bun and a bright pink lip and you've got my dream outfit.

Enter the #WorldwideWardrobe competition HERE for your chance to win a dream holiday!



Jo said...

Amazing outfits you have create here! You've got such a good eye - definitely clubbing in Ibiza is my fab closely followed by the Thailand outfit! Love some colourful prints :)

Jo xxx


Jo said...



Mwaaaah xxx

Elle said...

Amazing pics

Elle said...


All These Little Secrets said...

Love this post!
x x

Gabrielle James said...

Love your entries especially cocktails in New York! I think I might enter :) x

Ellen Grace said...

The sightseeing in Paris is just amazing, love how you incorporated all the prints

Ellen // A little bit Unique // Facebook // Bloglovin


Unknown said...

Ooooh I love these ! Especially cocktails in New york ! xoxo

Lara said...

Love these, especially the New York and Ibiza outfits! :)

Blanca M. said...

I really really really love the Full Moon Party In Thailand outfit!!


Lauren said...

I love the banana print! x

youlikemyunicorn said...

love the first outfit. and in the flwer look the jeans <3

Unknown said...

love the London outfit, where's he rain mac from? it's so cutee!!xx

Anonymous said...

They all look amazing! The Paris and London ones are my favourites :)
Jessica xx

Laura said...

I love all the outfits! I saw the banana co-ord online and almost cried at the beauty of it (and the price!)

Bright and Dandy

Unknown said...

I really like your Thailand and Ibiza outfits, the prints are gorgeous!
Good luck for the competition!
Jodie xx

Mel said...

such a cute post idea,
LOVE that minkpink dress


Unknown said...

omg youve picked some amazing outfits! So in love with banana set! THe minkpink dress is gorgeous too! if you wore that in paris you would deffo get dirty stares! I dressed crazy when i went over there and the stares i got were terrible! :O They are much more conservative over there with style.

Hayley xx

Sam said...

That daisy rain mac is so cute, I clicked it but the link doesn't work! I'm gonna go in search of one now. I hope you win the dream holiday :)

Unknown said...

Very bold, eye-catching and creative! Really nice outfits!
Feel free to visit my blog

Zandra May said...

I love the matching top and shorts in the New York outfit and the accessories are perfect! Also the London outfit is so your style, could totally see you in it X

Lena said...

wow, all these are super lovely and set out so nicely! x

Anonymous said...

Amazing looks I love how you've put them together too - so quirky!

Emma x

Vera said...

Mom jeans + Air Max + backpack = Aw yeah

Mermaid Street

Oroma Roxella Rukevwe said...

The Ibiza one is my fave <3


lemonade-lifestyle said...

shopping in London is our favourite. Will have to enter this comp sounds exciting!

Lemonade Lifestyle

MILEX said...

I wouldn't done it better myself

Me and Moustaches said...

I can see you in and looking amazing in every single one of these outfits, your style is perfect to me!

Amy and Suzanne said...

i love the banana jacket and daisy rain coat! too bad my bank account is looking a little bare :(

Anonymous said...

I love the clutch in your first picture. It is so different and I love it. I am not sure about the banana outfit. It is cute but really distracting. The outfit in Cocktails in New York is my favorite it looks fun. I love everything in Clubbing in Ibiza.

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Unknown said...

totally amazing jungle and tropical prints! love your picks of accessories as well! <3

check out my latest all-white outfit posts! :)

Anonymous said...

I love all of them. Can't even pick a favourite!


Unknown said...

how do you make these kind of posts? Like what software?

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