Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Edit

WHITE DRESS: c/o Ukulele
LACE CARDI: c/o Oh My Love
SHOES: ASOS via eBay, £25
SUNGLASSES: Charity shop, 40p
WATCH: Michael Kors, gift

As you can tell i'm far from professional when taking outfit pictures for my blog... i'm alright on my own in my bedroom when it's just me, my camera and my tripod, but when I have two cheeky faces watching me I go all giggly and can't stand still for a second! I went all monochrome with this outfit (but with a pop of colour from my neon pink Cambridge satchel which was dumped on the floor!) and it was perfect for the lovely sunny evening I spent on a roof top terrace in Covent Garden for the launch of The Edit, Base 79's new YouTube channel, bringing together all the best fashion/beauty vloggers as well as up and coming ones.

I had such a fun evening, I met up with my blogger babes Shope and Shore beforehand and we were the first people there. But we didn't mind because the place was filled with champagne, Pimms, tonnes of yummy sandwiches and CUPCAKES! It was amazing to finally meet some of the gorgeous girlies I have been watching for so long on YouTube - Tasha Green, Gracie from Ugly Face of Beauty, Patricia from BritPopPrincess, Barbara from The Persian Babe (who goes to my uni and I didn't even realise!), Kate from Dolly Bow Bow. There were lots of others there too who I have met before, and it was lovely to catch up! I'll be uploading my vlog of the evening tomorrow too, so make sure you check out my YouTube for that :)



Unknown said...

So lovely meeting you there! Xx Isobel x

ALikeAnita said...

you look all so beautiful

Unknown said...

Love your outfit, the dress is gorgeous
♥ Filthy Fashion ♥

Sarah said...

You all look lovely! Looks like a fun event xx

Zandra May said...

Seen a few people wearing that long cardi, I absolutely love it!! Your dress is so so pretty too x

Olivia said...

love you dress! looks like you guys had an amaze time :)xx

Liv | Queen Of The Jumble

courtzmelv said...

Looks like you had a great time, i'm jealous! Love your dress xx

Laura said...

Very cool photos, love your outfit, as always!

Unknown said...

your sunglasses were 40p omg amazing xo

Tanya said...

I've really enjoyed looking at everyone's photos from this event. Looks like the perfect afternoon. Lovely outfit too.

Little Black Russian


Unknown said...

Cute look! Love how the shoes matched haha

Unknown said...

LOVE LOVE your shoes. Beautiful outfit. I would love to have been there; definitely going to check out The Edit.
xoxo, Jassy

Unknown said...

LOVE that little white dress. So beautiful!

xx clarissa.

Floral Danielle said...

I love all the black shoes together and your outfit is lovely! :)
Been lusting over the Oh My Love cardi for a while now!

Unknown said...

It looks so cool and so fun!

Since GFC is closing down would you like to follow each other on bloglovin?

Unknown said...

Everyone looks amazing, you included of course!

leopardheels said...

these photos are really nice:)

Pretty Little Liars Fashion said...

you look absolutely gorgeous

Dressed By S said...

LOVE this maxi cardi
S xx

GeorginaGoodman said...

you look great

Im Giving away a pair of heels on my blog!! Check it out :)

Unknown said...

haha that shoe picture is jokes, love it

RobbynElizzabeth said...

love that outfit so much Lucy! Im seriously like you're number 1 fan, ahhh x

Abbie said...

You all look so good!! Loved your shoes to :-)

Unknown said...

So many familiar faces here, the event looked so fun! Those black sandals are cayooooot <3

Hen said...

Aw I remember when I was one of the first the follow you on this blog when you had about 10 followers and now I'm so proud you have made it this far!
You look amazing btw, I love your dress and shoes :)
Teenage Daydreams X

Shannen Smith said...

i'm dyyyyyying for that lace cardi just now, it's lovely!


Chelsea Jade said...

Love your outfit, those sandals are perfect :) Looks like lots of fun xx

Unknown said...

Stunning photos and your dress is soo pretty and has a romantic vibe about it.


Anonymous said...

I love your style, and the pink lipstick looks fab!! Your pics are so much better than mine, I've only just started blogging so need to perfect my pictures!

Rhiannon. xx

Unknown said...

Looks like it was so much fun! Your outfit was gorgeous too :)

Cherrimocha said...

Everyone's already written what I'm thinkin so imma just say this - love your mahfxckin blog and YT channel. Look forward to reading n watching more x

ali hassan said...

it is very good. Elegant half up half down hairstyles

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