Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Home Sweet Home

Something exciting is happening within the next month or so... I won't give too much away, but I will leave you with these pictures of rooms I am jealous of. Let's just say I need to start getting a few home decor ideas together... :)



  1. Those mirrors are gorgeous. Ahh can't wait to see whatever you have planned :) x

  2. All the photos are soooo lovely! Im in love whit all these bright rooms...

  3. Love all these pictures! Especially the one with a bike and lights!! OMG!

  4. Ooooh I'm excited! I bet your fab at home decor.
    Megan xxx

  5. If you are hinting at what I think you are then I am very excited for you! xx

  6. aww this seems very very exciting! (:

    L x

  7. Awww these are all so cute! I love your video when you're going around your room, it's gorgeous so no doubt anywhere you live will be beautiful!!
    Good luck ;) If it's what I'm thinking, me and my boyf are looking for a place at the moment (such a nightmare at this time of year wah)! I'm so excited so make it look all pretty (and I seriously am hating on any rented places with horrible decor that can't be changed.. massive no-go) :) Definitely will be coming back to this post for inspiration ;)

  8. Are you moving? if so good luck! I really love these inspo picks I love all the stacked up gold mirros I think they look so beautifull!

    Fashion Rhapsody

    Have a fab day, Rose x

  9. oooo homes that dreams are made of

  10. We pretty much want the same bedroom.

  11. Oooh exciting haha, I'm such a home decor geek, I love getting bedroom inspiration, love how chic and effortless, everything looks!


  12. These rooms are amazing, I got the keys yesterday to the house I bought a few months ago so I'm gathering as much interior inspiration as possible. It's all exciting!

    Eda ♥

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  13. Love the inspiration!!
    S xx

  14. This room is gorgeous. With an attentive, gorgeous lover I could live here.


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