Wednesday 5 December 2012


TARTAN SHIRT: Levi's via Car boot sale, £1
POLONECK: Car boot sale, 50p
FUR GILET: c/o China Doll Boutique
JEANS: Primark, £14 (years old)
SHOES: Agyness Deyn x Dr Martens, £150 (10% off with code CQHC5)

I'm back! So so sorry for the short hiatus, i've been very busy with uni work and other personal stuff but I will be back to regular posting from now on! Hope you didn't miss me too much ;)

Anyway, i'm soooo annoyed, BOTH the zips on these stupid shoes have broken! For a £150 pair of shoes you'd expect them to last forever, especially since they are Dr Martens, which are known to last for years and years! I'm going to exchange them for a new pair as I can't bare to be without them, but I just know the same thing will happen again... so I don't really know what to do because I really love them. Maybe i'll just keep returning them for the rest of my life whenever they break... then i'll always have a nice new pair :)

I feel like a bit of a yeti in this fur gilet but I absolutely LOVE it, literally. I have wanted one for so long so when this turned up on my doorstep I died. I never wear jeans, especially low rise jeans, EW. I actually hate anything low rise, especially shorts, I just find it such an unflattering cut. It reminds me of those River Island "boyfriend" baggy jeans from like 2006, when girls used to pair them with a crop top and brightly coloured french knickers pulled up above their hips. I can't believe they thought that was attractive. Is there any better way to catch a dirty old perv in a van's attention? I think not.

Aaaaaaaaanyway, I promise to be a better blogger from now on. I haven't vlogged in ages either - but I can be quite an angry person, and when people who mean absolutely nothing to me leave bitchy comments on my videos, I really have to try and restrain myself from telling them to go tie themselves to a busy railway track or jump into a pool of knives. I just have to remember they are just another view, which is earning me money whilst they sit there behind their computer picking at their pea sized brains for something "offensive" to say.  Thanks bye.

I think i'm in a mood today.



Unknown said...

Oh my god the exact same thing happened to my Aggy Docs too! (the same ones) It's awful, I can't believe I paid that much only for the zips to come off... let me know if you can how it goes if you return them :) I'm considering doing the same!!

Cute outfit anyway!! The jeans look really nice on you :) xxxxx

Gemma Talbot said...

I love the mix of tartan and black faux fur - very cool xx

Unknown said...

Love this outfit! Shoes are gorgeous

Sade | IN MY SUNDAY BEST said...

Random but I like the little pastel bits on your hair!


Lucy Elizabeth King said...

Great shirt what a bargain!!! love a bargain

emily said...

Love this outfit! Massively jealous of those pins! x

uniqu3youth said...

love this outfit, your shoes are soo nice shame about the zips:(

Anonymous said...

LOVE your shoes x

Selena said...

bummer on the shoes, they're fokkin amazing

Unknown said...

amazing outfit, i'm a new follower and i'm in love! :)

Jade Jones said...

i cant believe anyone would have anything bad to say to you. i was up until the early hours of the mornnn watching you're videos. youre a bloody dream to watch!! and if i was a cartoon character and i had to have a signature outfit to wear 24/7 it would be this. i die for this look. thank you and goodbye- jade xxx

ANRIOUS said...

great blog!! ;)

loulabeth ♡ said...

i absolutely love this whole outfit, especially the fur against the red tartan shirt! (:

L x

Gavina said...

Love the tartan shirt!

fox hunter said...

ah so cool!!! love everything, the roll neck, boots, tartan and fur :-)

Natalie Hale said...

Such great shoes!

Unknown said...

Your car boot finds are SO impressive! And your River Island jeans description has bought back some hideous mid-noughties memories - shudder.
Elise x

Charmaine Cowland said...

ooh i really want the aggy straps but hearing about the zip problem and they're so blooming expensive! Love the fur gillet too! i've asked for one similiar for christmas, this post really makes me want it now, it looks so cosy! :3 x

Ellen Grace said...

You look great, I love the shoes!


Dawniepants said...

Oh my god I am obsessed with that tartan you look amaze!


Unknown said...

you absolutely kill me - such a great sense of humour, it's refreshing.

Chelsea said...

I feel like leaving a whole string of compliments to counteract the nastiness that has come your way. I love your hair like this! And please don't change the shoes because they are perfect on you xx

dfordakota said...

Love this look, oh so grunge! xx

Unknown said...

Lucy I've missed your posts! You look fantastic, as always!
Megan xxx

Dressed By S said...

Love the fur and shirt looks super cute
S xx



noor said...


M3L0MA said...

life style

noor said...


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