Thursday 3 November 2011

The Vintage Emporium

After a boring morning at uni, me and my boyfriend went out for a nice lunch and a look around the shops, including The Vintage Emporium in a town near mine. You would all love it, it is vintage heaven! We didn't buy anything as it's quite overpriced, and I find that most of the stuff can be found in a charity shop, but its nice to see it all together as it's all displayed so nicely and every little section is decorated differently. Take a look at some of the photos I took (I had to ask for permission first!):

 Don't you just want it all?!

 My boy, charity/vintage shops are not his thing, he kept moaning that it stunk and was overpriced. He wanted this grandad flat cap but it was like £10, a lot since I can find one at a boot sale for about 50p!
 My favourite section, there were so many cool bits!
 I loved the fox jumper but it was a bit pricey at about £28!!
 Fur coat heaven!
 Real fox shawls :(

 The adorable little tea cafe! I love how old and rotten the building looks but it's just oh so vintage and cute!

 All the furniture was mismatching!

We then went into the town centre and had a look round the charity shops and I bought a few bits of make-up as Superdrug has a 3 for 2 offer on all cosmetics. I got some Barry M lipsticks and a mascara which gave me 200 points on my Beautycard = £2 off my next purchase! Every little helps. Then we went for lunch at Wagamama - it was my first time there ever! It was delicious however I wouldn't rank it as one of my favourite restaurants, I found the main meal quite bland and got a bit boring as there was so much of it. I like to have lots of different foods and flavours for my meals as I do get bored of the same taste!

I got this cute Banana Republic leopard print cardi from a charity shop for just £3.75, quite cheap considering it is quite a wealthy town and often the charity shops are very over priced!

My ASOS delivery also came in the post! It's currently 25% off for students (with an NUS card) so I couldn't really say no!

 Beetlejuice shirt - £18, and gold cross sheer shirt - £35
 Yin Yang t-shirt - £6, turban - £9.50, burgundy River Island jeans - £30, aztec leggings - £12

Have a nice evening :)



Unknown said...

I love your style! It's completely unique!!

and I love the black turban on the last photo! Been trying to find one for ages. Where did you get it? ASOS or somewhere else?

Anywho! You're lucky to have such great shops around you!

BURG said...

Words cannot explain how amazing that vintage store looks!!!

Love your blog!

Soi Eight Recycling

Yuliya said...

Wooow! I wish London`s vintage shops were soo cool and affordible! Love your style! xx

hoxn123 said...

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