Saturday 19 November 2011


Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted in ages, I have been very busy with uni work :(

Today was spent clearing out my wardrobe, eating crisps, taking some photos of eBay stuff and chilling with my cat. Ohhh what a life I lead! In other news, I finally managed to do a bun-on-top-of-head hairstyle... it looks a bit rubbish especially since I am using extensions, but practise makes perfect :) Once I get my micro-bond extensions I think it will be much easier! Please excuse my atrocious roots, I am getting it all one colour soon I promise!

shirt - charity shop // leather skirt - jumble sale (vintage ralph lauren!) // tights - charity shop // shoes - ebay 

My creepers finally arrived! I'm not so sure on them, i'm quite tall already so I feel like they make me look like a giant! 

Have a nice weekend guyyyys :) 



rachel said...

your shirt is amazing, i want to steal it, haha. xxo

Nesha said...

Love this look lucy! Ugh I want some creepers so bad!!

Liberty Georgina said...

Your outfit is amazing!
I love your hair like that, unfortunately I can't wear my hair like that because it looks weird with my glasses haha!
I love your creepers though! Leopard print ones are the best, they go perfectly with your blouse!

Hey Sweetie! said...

Love your blog, you're freaking amazing!

Unknown said...

Love your longsleeve blouse!!

emylouvintage said...

Lovely as usual :) x

Goldilocks said...

I love this outfit :D the skirt is gorgeous :D great post xx

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