Sunday, 9 October 2011


I got this close to my IDOL last Thursday. She. Was. Incredible. I am officially in love with Rihanna, even more than I was before. She puts on such a good show, the dancing was amazing, and even though she mimed some of it, she sang beautifully the rest of the time! The outfits were insane! Let the photos speak for themselves...

 These two are my favourite photos out of the 200 I took! (above and below).

What a perfect girl! Her body is to die for. I'm in love. Best night of my life!

It was freezing outside and boiling inside so I didn't really know what to wear. I ended up wearing this, with a jumper, which I just took off when we went in:

leopard print shirt - new look, riding pants - americal apparel, silver creepers - topshop


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  1. omg omg omg! such good shots of rihanna! you are so lucky you got to see her live!! i also adore what you wore to the concert, gimmie those shoes please! you're such a doll!


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