Sunday, 23 October 2011

Autumn Leaves

dress - h&m (ebay), leather jacket - new look, green hoodie - h&m, skull bag - wholesale dress, dr martens - ebay

Everything looks so pretty in Autumn. It's probably my favourite season, not too cold, not too hot and the perfect weather for layering, chunky knit jumpers and cute walks with my boyfriend.

I went to a town called Harpenden yesterday. It's very small, we only went to check out the charity shops as I heard you can pick up quality items as it's quite a wealthy town. As i'm used to paying £2-3 for an item in my town, I was shocked at their prices! Some things were £10 each! So I didn't end up buying anything at all, apart from a slice of rhubarb and apple cake from the bakery.

I did see something verrrrry rare though... a pair of Vivienne Westwood Melissa jelly heels!!! I didn't see them at first, then as I was leaving I spotted them on display on the till... and they were my size! Completely overpriced though, £49.99! What a joke! I would have loved to be able to afford them but i'm a poor student now and have already spent way too much of my student loan :( It makes me wonder who on earth would donate this kind of thing?! They must be super rich to just give them away!

How cute are they?

Off to Ashridge woods for a walk with my boy now, gonna teach him to be my photographer! 



Olia Shamray said...

Love it!


I love your grungy look, suits you well!
Sorry to hear about the Jeffreys, I would have been so bummed about that! x


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