Sunday, 15 May 2011

Recent purchases

Haven't posted in a while, not that anyone is reading haha, gosh it's hard to get a blog started and become known when i have only 1 follower. Anyway i've bought a lot recently, here are some of my buys. I haven't even had time to photograph everything i got at the car boot sale today!

 granny blazer, £5.99, charity shop
 JIMMY CHOOS?!! yes!! 100% genuine. £8, car boot sale
 box of vintage brooches, £5, bootsale
 vintage rucksack, £1, bootsale
 topshop fringed dress, £4.50, charity shop
 peter pan collar skater dress, £3.75, charity shop
 lace shirt, £2.25, charity shop
 floral dress, £3.99, charity shop
 floral dress, £3.99, charity shop
 asos heels, £3.99, charity shop
 vintage shorts, £2.50, charity shop
 hold ups, 49p, charity shop
 bits and bobs, £3, bootsale
 dresses, £1 each, bootsale
 dr martens, £10, bootsale
 blouse, £38, topshop
 banana leggings, £20, topshop
 dress, £40, topshop
 dress, £30, red herring
full circle skirt, £29.99, river island

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