Thursday 25 February 2016


I could easily write a long list of places I want to visit but I realise I need to be realistic. I'm not rich, I don't have loads of money stashed away and definitely won't have everything paid for by my parents!

Everywhere I plan to visit will take some time to plan and save up for. But I thought i'd share my near future plans, as opposed to my lifelong travel goals.


March - Thailand

The no.1 destination for beginner backpackers like me. I know it sounds really cliche, and to some travel snobs is not considered "real backpacking", but its the perfect place to start for a worrier like me. I've booked my return flights with British Airways which came to around £500 for a direct 11hr25 flight - amazing! This was actually the cheapest option which is great, but I really hope they live up to their reputation. I am dreading such a long flight! 

Lots of my friends have been to Thailand so I was able to get tonnes of advice and create a plan of action for my trip. Of course I won't be sticking to it completely but its a brief plan so I at least KINDA know where i'm going.

I'll be starting in Bangkok (i've booked a hotel for 3 nights around Rambuttri Village/Khaosan Road area - backpacker central) which should get me settled in nicely. I'll then be heading up north to Chiang Mai either on my own or with new friends (hopefully!) where i'll spend a week or so exploring, taking Thai cooking classes, visit the elephant sanctuary and see some tribes. I'll also visiting Chiang Rai and Pai which look incredible. Then i'll be flying down south to the party islands where i'll be for the rest of the month. I'll be meeting up with a couple of friends for the Full Moon Party on the 22nd March!

April - Indonesia

In early April i'm 90% certain i'll be heading down to Bali. My Thai visa will have run out so I have to go somewhere - so Indonesia is looking like the next destination for a month or so. I haven't really planned my Indonesia adventure at all, just gonna go with the flow and see where I end up. There's thousands of islands so I can imagine it getting very complicated trying to make a plan. Somewhere I am really excited to go is the Gili Islands, I heard they are simply paradise. And I must visit La Plancha (pictured - omg the colours!) Indonesia recommendations please guys!

source unknown

May - Amsterdam

My boyfriend Will should be playing some rugby in Amsterdam this summer so i'm gonna head out there at the same time so we can spend a few days in the city. I've wanted to go to Amsterdam for so long! Probably gonna book this super last minute, and get a cheap Airbnb, so it shouldn't cost too much.

August - Italy

Lastly on my list for this year is lovely Italy. I have wanted to visit many of Italy's cities for years and it's finally on the agenda. The other day me and Will booked spontaneous flights to Venice for just £58 each with British Airways, which is an absolute bargain! We plan to spend 2/3 weeks working our way down through the country, spending a few days in each city, and stumbling across some cute quirky towns along the way. After 2 nights in Venice (as I heard its sooo expensive) we'll head down to Florence, Rome, Naples, and finally Pompeii. I just need to look into the best way to get from city to city - i'm hoping the train system is really straight forward! Any Italy advice or recommendations would be much appreciated.


South America

It's all in the pipeline at the moment but I definitely want to visit South America, in particular Brazil, at some point next year! One of my besties is up for it so we'll probably get this booked waaaay later this year.


I have recently been inspired by Mika's aftermovie as well as two of my friends who are currently travelling India, Tiger and Sheree. It had never really appealed to me before, I guess I just didn't think much of it. But then I realised - Indian food is one of my all time favourite cuisines, I get an Indian takeaway at least once a week, and Indian people are so kind - so why the hell would I NOT want to. I know I would adore eating authentic Indian curries, YUMMY. Look at those colourful beach huts and palm trees! So dreamy. Certain parts of the country just look absolutely beautiful and I definitely think it's somewhere i'd like to tick off my bucket list next year.

So that's all for now... now i've just got to stick to my word!

Lucy xoxo


Unknown said...

I'm currently saving for all my travelling ideas! Hopefully next year will be big travels but this year just lots of holidays and weekend aways! Can't wait. I want to travel all of Asia and South America!


Unknown said...

I would love to go to Indonesia and South America- in fact any of these destinations! You're so lucky to get to do this much travelling x

Poppy said...

Wish I could go traveling by myself but I'd end up getting lost forever...I lack the confidence in myself :(

Unknown said...

aaaah you're gonna be living the dream! have a fab time girl xx

Unknown said...

Travelling is just the best thing in the world! Why wouldnt you want to see as much of the earth as you can?! Hope you have a fantastic time :) My hubby and I are hoping to go away next year!

Hayley xx

Natalie said...

My boyfriend and I travelled around Thailand last year. You're going to love it. So, so beautiful. We did Bangkok, chiang mai and then island hopping. When you get down to Naples in Italy, make sure you spend a few days in Sorrento! It's BEAUTIFUL and is the perfect base for day trips along the amalfi coast to Positano, Ravello and Capri - definitely some of the most stunning places in Italy. Enjoy your travels!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

You have to go to Raja Ampat if yr going to Indonesia :)

You can see some volcanoes like in Bromo, Ijen and Rinjani and you wont regret!

Georgina Hart said...

I really want to go travelling, I can't wait to read your posts when you get back, as I've never really known much about where to go, and what its like and all the insider goss!

Sophie said...

Hey hun - just a quick note - be careful about using photos that aren't your own! Even if you list the source, you can still be done. I did it way back in the day - first time was off Flickr and the guy went nuts - my editor had to pay him to avoid further grief and lawyers.... second time, it turned out that Getty owned the image (they often do when it comes to newspapers images) and they came after me - my boss bailed me out and knew how to deal with Getty's scary lawsuit letter.
There are a few different sites that offer license free images - photographers are getting more irate about their images being used without permission. I just wanted to give you a heads up as i love your blog and been following you for ages :) would hate for the big corps to sting you!

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