Friday 8 May 2015

NOSE JOB DIARIES: The big day & recovery

Soo here I am exactly 3 months after my nose surgery and it all feels like such a blur now! Such a tiny part of my life that was over so quickly, but made such a big change to the way I feel about myself. Today i'll be continuing on from my last two posts talking about my experience getting rhinoplasty with Transform.

THE BIG DAY! So I arrived at Transform's amazing private hospital in Brentford about 9am and I was immediately shown to my lovely en-suite room. All the staff were really sweet which made the whole experience a lot easier. You're made to put on a really trendy pair of socks, paper pants and a lovely blue gown, I looked super sexy indeed... and within the hour I was taken up to start my procedure.

Something I was really anxious about was being knocked out and being pretty much naked (the gown was kinda see-through), this was honestly one of my only worries (aside from the worry of weeing myself whilst knocked out but thankfully that didn't happen! LOL.) I'm fine with needles so the cannula was no issue for me. The moment I walked into the surgery theatre and laid on the table with 5 people round me was the moment I realised it was all really happening - i've waited 10 years for this moment and it was literally about to happen. In a couple of hours i'd wake up with a new nose! It was a surreal moment and my heart started beating so fast and the nerves finally hit me. But within seconds, I was knocked out and woke up what felt like minutes later and it was all over! The surgeon took about an hour and a half to complete my new nose.

I came around absolutely freeeezing with a nurse stroking my and arm singing to Clean Bandit on the radio (my faaaave band) which made me laugh! Although I was still so drugged up that I didn't really know what was going on (and i'm pretty sure I farted when I was coming around LOL). Within half an hour I was munching on a delicious toastie and up chatting to my mum so the drowsiness didn't last for long at all afterwards.

The things people have said to me most since were "woah that looks painful!" and "did it hurt?" - and the answer is NO! I literally experienced absolutely zero pain from start to finish. Even though I looked like i'd been beaten up, nothing from the surgery to recovery hurt at all, which is pretty crazy. So if you're scared of the pain, I promise you you'll feel nothing! The only bit of discomfort I had was the first night's sleep at the hospital when both my nostrils were corked up and I didn't sleep at all. As soon as I fell asleep for 5 minutes, i'd wake up with major dry mouth (I CANNOT sleep breathing through my mouth) and would then need a drink, which meant I was up going for a wee really often during the night. Worst night's sleep ever.

So of course the next morning I was feeling suuuper tired and sloth-like and just wanted to get these corks out of my nose - it was SUCH a relief when they were finally taken out and I could kind of breathe again. At this point I just wanted to get home, so I was super happy to see my boyfriend's face when he came to pick me up about 9am. Even though I looked absolutely crazy disgusting, the worse he's ever seen me look, but whatever, he was now my slave for the weekend! He looked after me for a few days which was great demanding tea and soup whenever I fancied it. :)

I pretty much spent the following week in bed which was pretty boring - I just watched tonnes of Friends, Kardashians and my fave YouTubers. All I had to look forward to was having my bandages removed a week later so I could see the result...

So. One huge thing I must stress if you get a nose job is you really have to understand that what you see when your bandages are removed, and for months after, is NOT the finished result! The nurses and my surgeon could not stress this enough to me, but still I was a bit disappointed when I first looked in the mirror after having the stitches and splint removed (which does hurt a little but its bearable). It was SO swollen, slightly bigger than it was before and I just didn't know what to say at first! Of course the side profile had changed a lot which I was really happy with - he had given my nose a nice curve which I loved. But from the front it was super swollen that I couldn't even bare to look at it for a while... but that soon went down within a couple of weeks.

I'm really happy with how it looks right now, but it'll still change a little bit over the next several months. The nose can take up to a year to go down to its final shape - something i've had to tell myself over and over the last few months. The first few weeks I still didn't really want to leave the house as I still had the feeling of being really self-concious as it was so swollen. I had plans to go to London Fashion Week 7 days after I had my bandages removed which was pretty crazy - I was still really bruised so I had to cover it up with tonnes of make-up, but of course people noticed the bruising and asked "what happened to your face?!" - which was kind of annoying as i'd tried so hard to cover it and was not ready to announce it yet!

I lost feeling in my nose for a while which was a weird sensation - i'm feeling pretty much back to normal now, except if I accidentally bash my nose really hard (which has happened a few times) it still really hurts!

I'll be back with one last update really soon...




Anonymous said...

What a lovely post! It's so honest and will definitely help others in a similar situation!

Emma x

Unknown said...

thank you for blogging about the experience! i've always hated my nose and people have always been quick to point it out to me ( as if i don't know!) I'm Kind of afraid to get a nose job though! You look amazing xo

stella-rae said...

Thanks for this post! I'm getting mine done next month so this really helps

alice said...

I love your nose, and glad you are happy with it now as well! t sounds like the whole experience wasn't too bad at all, and it's good that you never experienced much pain. I think I would be waaayyyyy to scared to go through with any sort of surgery though!

The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog


You look amazing as always! I respect you so much for sharing your experience and Im super glad you pleased with the results!

Lucie said...

Even though i'm lucky to have been born with a nose I am happy with, this was still really interesting for me to read! Thanks for sharing your experience honestly and you just look stunning, but I thought you did before the surgery anyway- you are such a striking girl! Love your make up.


Love from Lorna said...

love this diary!! did you have to sleep sitting up?? someone told me you cant sleep lieing down for like 3 weeks or something? crazy if its true xxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

You look amazing and i'm so freaking happy for you! xx

VanessaVonJames | Fashion Blog

MILEX said...

Stacey Mathias said...

Whats your secret to those amazing curls!! i love them! every time i attempt to curl my hair they end up looking like rats tails lol

Unknown said...

Hi, Lucy! You are right when you said that the outcome is not seen immediately after surgery. The nose swells and even the eyes are affected after a Rhinoplasty. That said, I hope that you are happy and very satisfied with the results of your surgery. Waiting for an update! Take care!

Victor Peterson @

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. And yes after surgery outside visit is not possible at least for 3 to 4 days.
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Molan Parker said...

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