Sunday, 7 December 2014


COAT: House of Jam*
TROUSERS: Car boot sale, £1
SHOES: Jeffrey Campbell via eBay, £40

Never have I ever worn such a cushty coat, this HoJ blue number is so fleecy I literally feel like i'm just wearing my dressing gown out. And kinda like i'm in my pj's in these sassy striped trousers - one of my all time best car boot sale buys at just £1! I die. I like to think of myself as a little rainbow in the rain in this outfit. Nothing beats brightening up a dull day with a bright outfit! 

I seem to be in Notting Hill/Portobello Road lots lately, and last week I went on a day of blogging (in the gross rain) with gal pals Sarah & Tiger (my new sassy blog photographer, follow her blog, she's such a sassy little cowgirl). We're gonna make it a weekly thing so my blog photos should be 10x better from now on!

A new UK website for all you Aussie brand lovers... Over My Body stocks loads of my fave brands such as MinkPink, Sister Jane, & TIALS, for surprisingly cheap - no gross customs fees for us!



Currently listening to: Philip George - Love Inside



Unknown said...

OMG love this sassy outfit, you look gorg!x

MILEX said...

Unknown said...

Lovee :3

ExoticKissesz/UK Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


Tigers pictures are so great! - you look wonderful, I cant believe the trousers were so cheap!


hayleyeszti said...

You are the best! You are like sunshine on a cloudy day! LOVE this!

Kathryn said...

Oh those trousers! They're great! And you can't beat a classic cream knit.

Amber Dennett said...

Ahhh this outfit is just so lush <3


Andini Ria said...

Absolutely flawless as always, love all the bright colours!

Andini xx
Adventures of an Anglophile

Emily Aranha said...

Love it! That head wrap is awesome.

xx E∆

Unknown said...

so so so perfect!

Tessa said...

I am so in love with this outfit!! Rainbow stripes are my absolute fav- they are just so hard to find in Texas :(

Unknown said...

Great outfit!!
wanna follow each other on instagram & bloglovin?
i followed u please follow me back here >
love & hugs from Melbourne.

Alexandria Daffara said...

What a fun outfit! You look fabulous!

Merel said...

You look so cool!

Unknown said...

You pull of the most unique things so well, so jealous!

Written with style | Bloglovin

alice said...

Those sunglasses are amazing, I love them!

The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog

Jay said...

If I saw you on the street wearing whole rainbow of colours I would definitely smile and you would make my day. Such a fun outfit :D

H O N E Y said...

Wow – I love the pictures! You are so cute!
Also the design of your whole blog is really pretty, girl! ♥
I’m following you via gfc & look forward for your next post. You’re great – keep going! ♥

Izzy said...

So perfect, your outfits always exude happiness <3

The Quirky Queer

Unknown said...

Your style gives me LIFE. You're such a breath of fresh air compared to a lot of other big fashion bloggers!


With Love, Banke a Fashion Blog

Chelsea Jade said...

Oh my those trousers are amazing!!

Unknown said...

So desperate for these trousers and shoes !! oh and the headband. A great outfit!

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Teresa Halminton said...

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