Tuesday, 12 November 2013


DRESS: c/o Motel Rocks
SHOES: ASOS, £45 (sold out)
CHOKER: eBay, £5

Last week I was last minute invited to the AMAZING New Look Winter Wishes charity ball, and of course I had to take along my blogging sidekick Becca. We were spoilt with champagne reception, endless bottles of wine on the table, delicious fancy food and performances from Flawless and The Saturdays.

Of course I had to wear my go-to brand for party dresses, Motel! We went and got ready at their showroom (BIG THANKS) and ended up leaving with matching sequin gowns, haha. Being all glammed up, in heels, on the tube, during rush hour, was not fun though.

We celeb spotted all night and were well happy to be sat on the table next to X Factor's Kingsland Road, who were so lovely and funny!

Thanks so much New Look for a fabulously glam night, all for a great cause too! You can read all about it here. I'll let the photos do the talking...


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mintyessence said...

It looks like it was such a fun night! Love Kingsland Road!!



Unknown said...

its actually insane how flawless you always look - OBSESSED with this dress!


Unknown said...

It looks fun! love your dress!

Muny’sFashionFanatique | Fashion & Style BLOG

Laura said...

Amazing, looks like the besttttt night, LOVE your dress!!


What Lauren Says said...

Love your unique style! Looks like you had fun x

Lauren | What Lauren Says

Oroma Roxella Rukevwe said...

That's an amazing dress, Lucy <3

O. R. R.

Abida said...

please do a a video!!


Elizabeth Daisy. said...

This looks like such an fabulous night - you and Becca both look beautiful too!

Elizabeth x


Unknown said...

You two look gorgeous!

Abbie said...

you both look total stunners, looks like an amazing night :-)


Sarah said...

You both look absolutely incredible! Looks like an amazing night xx

Unknown said...

Aww such beautiful dresses!
Looks like a lot of fun.


Unknown said...

You look so beautiful, that dress is amazing on you! Looks like a fantastic evening :)

Hayley xx

Gemma Talbot said...

This looks like such a great night and for such a great cause. I love your sequin dress. Very pretty x


Anonymous said...

This sounds like such a great evening! You look stunning xo

Amber Dennett said...

You look beautiful x

Billie Astrid said...

Aahh it looks like such an amazing night! You look gorgeous as always of course - absolutely loving the dress.
Glad to see you had fun! x

Emma said...

Lucky you!

You look gorgeous, and it looks like an amazing time.

Hmm maybe...

Anonymous said...

I love your dress so much. You and Becca are such babes!


Jayne Emma said...

Looks like it was such an amazing night! I adore what you wore, the dress is amazing! You looked so gorgeous!x


Unknown said...

Such a pretty dress!


Unknown said...

Amazing outfit you look lovely!! And how are the saturdays so beautiful!!

Love CF x

Charity Palmer said...

Such a beautiful dress, looks so stunning on you!



Anonymous said...

You look really really incredible in that dress, and it looks like you had a really fun night! I love your shoes too, it's a shame they're sold out xx

Leeanne said...

These photos look so Magical! ..<3 You look so stunning too


Unknown said...

That dress looks flippin' amazing on you! I've been umm-ing and ahh-ing about getting it for ages now (how sequiny is too sequiny??) but have decided to go for it based solely on this post... No pressure... :) if I look half as good as you though I'll be very happy xxxx

Unknown said...

It looks like such an amazing night you had! Lucky you. Gorgeous dresses too both you and Becca looked amazing in them. :)

Debra Bros Blog

Jessie | jessie-ann.co.uk said...

That dress is amazing!! I need it and I also need somewhere to wear it to! Haha.. Also the fact that The Saturdays were there makes this event look even more fabuuuulous. Such a jealous blogger right now D: xx


Dressed By S said...

Wow absolutely amazing
S xx

Jennifer Noir said...

Lovely dress, very beautiful!


Unknown said...

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