About Me

Hello :) 

I'm Lucy, a 20 year old girl from Hertfordshire, England, which is just outside of North London. I am a complete shopaholic, who has lived and breathes fashion since I was a child. I'm an eBay freak, have been using it since I was literally 12, so am a bit of an expert - I am forever selling old clothes and hunting down bargains! I am addicted to charity shops, car boot sales and jumble sales. My life pretty much revolves around getting bargains, which is definitely something I get from my mum. She is pretty much the thriftiest woman ever, will not buy something unless she's getting a good deal whether it's on offer or she has discount codes! She is the one who got me into blogging and "thrifting".

I change my hair a LOT! Currently it's bleach blonde with crazy dark roots, but i'm trying to grow it out. I've been pastel pink, bright pink, blue, bright red, dark red, lilac, dark purple, silver, natural blonde, black, dark brown, and mousy brown (my natural colour). So i'm pretty adventurous when it comes to hair, the blonde I have now feels very plain and boring for me!

I am currently studying Fashion at University. If all goes well, my dream would be to become a freelance stylist aswell as running my own online vintage shop (which I kinda already do). I love anything to do with fashion, sewing, customising old clothes and generally being creative! If I fail at life, i’m going to become a property developer or own a car boot sale. But I will definitely be rich one day! ;)

I love...
Shopping (duh), clothes, cooking from scratch, pastel coloured hair, dressing up, my bedroom, my bed, SLEEP, vintage clothes, my boyfriend, Rihanna, Rita Ora, JEFFREY CAMPBELL, travelling, fake tan, champagne, being drunk, Vivienne Westwood (i've met her!), my cameras, my Macbook Pro (ie my life), lipstick, big lips, defined eyebrows, meeting new people, road trips, Paris, waking up next to my boyfriend every morning, The Weeknd, my mum's cooking, property programmes, fizzy fangs, chocolate, pizza, curry, ALL FOOD.

I hate...
Sneaky people who sneakily copy me/my life (and act like they had no idea), chavs, self-centered people, big headed people, Madonna, people who don't make the effort with me, kitten heels, when people are on their phones only half listening to what you're saying, unhygienic people, touching door handles (I'm kinda ocd of germs ew ew ew).

Feel free to Tweet me or e-mail me if you want to know anything else about me!



  1. Hey, I've just stumbled across your blog and discovered we go to the same university! Hope this doesn't sound too stalkerish but just wanted to say that I love your style! :) xx

  2. i'm hoping to get a pink fiat 500 convertible as well! woo go pink! please check out my fashion blog http://therawrdrobe.blogspot.co.uk/

    i'll follow anyone back who follows :)


  3. You motivate me to do well on my blog! When did you start blogging?


  4. can you please help me update the layout of my blog! I love the layout of yours xx

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