Thursday, 13 November 2014


COAT: Oh My Love*
TOP: This Is A Love Song*
SKIRT: Jessthetics*
FUR SCARF: River Island via Car boot sale, £1
HAT: Monki, £8
SHOES: Public Desire*

I am just so obsessed with coats. The way some girls feel about handbags and shoes, I feel about coats. Fur coats, duster coats, boyfriend coats... I want one in every single colour & material. I'm happy it's cold outside because I get to wear my fabulous coats. This beaut orange duster by Oh My Love is a firm favourite in my wardrobe at the minute. One thing I looooove is wearing black and white with a bold pop of colour - it's so fun and I think it makes such a statement!


Currently listening to: Jessie Ware - Say You Love Me (Alex Adair Remix)



Alexandria brielle said...

Love this outfit! Especially that top.. super cute

Alice Young said...

Loovvee the boots and socks combo!

The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

Milex said...

Sara Wiktoria said...


Laura Rose said...

love the coat with the skirt, the navy and orange-red go so well together :)

Rose and Weston x

Rachael O' Meara Curran said...

i've followed you blog for a few years now and love your eccentric style!

Rachael O xx

Adele said...

love the way the fur stole ties this entire outfit together <3

Shaqinah Fakar said...

The black and white skirt with that bright coat is a stroke of styling genius! I have been a fan of your style for the longest time, it's so individual! Xx

Shaqinah from <a href=">Shoes & Roses</a>

Paige Anthony said...

You look gorgeous! That top is amazing.

Skin and Roses

Emily Aranha said...

Always such a babe! Love your jacket

xx E∆

hoxn Ln said...

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