Thursday, 22 May 2014


LEOPARD DRESS: c/o Tinned Bananas
BAG: Vintage via Car boot sale, £1 (I KNOW!!)
BOOTS: Dr Martens "Jadon" Boots, £145
NECKLACE: c/o Miss Selfridge
SUNGLASSES: Charity shop, 40p

Hello again! I'm so excited that i'm back blogging. Today was an important day for me - I just picked up my uni results for my final major project and I did much better than I expected to so i'm super happy now! Now just need to prepare for our graduate fashion show which will be so much fun :)

I actually wore this outfit a couple of weekends ago but hadn't taken any photos in it so I thought i'd reshoot it as I am absolutely in love with this dress! Tinned Bananas has fast become one of my favourite brands for prints and stretchy clothes. On a night out I usually stick to tight midi skirts and dresses as I find them flattering as well as super comfy, and of course no chance of a drunken knicker flash in this bad boy! I paired it with chunky boots as I was off to Egg club in London to see Oliver DJ (proud girlfriend moment) which definitely meant no heels and comfy protected footsies in these monster boots.

This "Raging Leopard" dress is actually from an old collection **EDIT: They've hunted around their stock room and found just a few of these dresses so quickly buy it whilst you can!** but their new SS14 range has just dropped so you should definitely check out Tinned Bananas if you love a funky print... so many cute bits I want for holidays/festivals!

Also, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this vintage Moschino bag at a car boot sale (I think it's fake but oh well). It was sat next to some vile tacky fake Louis and Chanel bags, and he was like "oh a fiver for those but £1 for that one" and I DIED. It was the best one there, old men just have no idea. It's now my favourite hand-bag. Yay!


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Sarah said...

I'm so in love with your hair! Love he bag too xx

Unknown said...

WHAT?! £1 Moschino bag? Okay I am seriously jealous! You are so lucky, that bag is beautiful! You look stunning and I love your dress! xx

Unknown said...

You hair is sooo cute. I'm also doing my fashion project on uni, but i'm only starting. Love the outfit, leopard prints never get old.

Unknown said...

You look amazing. Your style sense is spot on xo

Hannah Rose // Blog

Unknown said...

LOVE the outfit, you look AWESOME
♥ Filthy Fashion ♥

Lo said...

Fierce! Love it!

Izzy said...

So cool <3

The Quirky Queer

Unknown said...

you are the definition of fabulous!

Patricia B said...

I love this look! That two-piece is gorgeous, so in love with the print. Your hair is amazing too! X

Anonymous said...

Lucy I'm so glad you're back-you are looking incredible!!
Lucia xx

Lena said...

this outfit is so rad! I'm so glad you're back. I swear you find the best things at carboots !

Unknown said...

That bag is such a steal!! Amazing!

Megan xo

Unknown said...

you always look so fab! The hair is also wonderful!
Sophia xxx

Virgos and Kisses said...

Killin' it!

Georgie said...

That handbag is an incredible steal, so cute! I loove your dress too, so glad you're back to blogging! xx

☾ ☾

Unknown said...

Your style is amazing ! I love that MOSCHINO bag !

I have just followed on GFC, I hope that you will follow me back :) X


Lizzie said...

"no chance of a drunken knicker flash in this bad boy" :''') Lookin' hott girlie!

Unknown said...

Love this outfit! Big fan of the dress.
I really want those DM's!


Jay said...

Congrats on your project score, and good luck with the graduation fashion show. We want pictures!

Style Crescent said...

Gorge! xx

Unknown said...

OMG amazing! <3

Hayley xx

Jodie said...

£1!! Bargain. Awesome look I love the alternative leopard print- great proud girlfriend look

Lucy Elizabeth King said...

100% in love with this dress!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!

Love Lucy

Unknown said...

Omgosh what a bargain that bag, lucky you!
Love the look

Much Love, M

Abbie said...

That bag was £1, noooo what a find! Amazing outfit xx

Unknown said...

The bag really is such a lucky find! I love the way you styled the dress, very edgy and cool!

Much love xxx

Lucie said...

What an amazing find!! I love a good carbooty but haven't found anything like that at the carboots in France. I also love the way you put this together! xxx


Unknown said...

I used to watch your videos and read your blog and now I'm so glad I've refound you haha, also looove your hair curly!
ellie xx

Ella in Vogue said...

neeeeeed the dresss!

Shannen Smith said...

I will be forever jealous of your thrifty finds.
Your necklace is so cuuuuute too!

Collage Me Pretty said...

Love this outfit its so edgy! Can't believe that bag was only £1 wow!!

Love Emma xx

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