Saturday, 25 February 2012

I'm a bad blogger

I haven't posted for TEN DAYS! Wow, this is so unlike me. I'm sarrrrry. I've had quite a busy week though and lots to show you! Wednesday and Thursday night were a couple of really amazing evenings. My friend asked me to model her collection and we were shooting in theee most amazing studio in East London. It was literally the most amazing place i've ever seen, all white and modern, a huuuge studio, pizza delivery, lots of Mac make-up, wild hair pieces, professional models, make-up artists and an amazing photographer. Rebecca (my "buddy" from third year that I told you about) is currently working on her final collection, and a couple of her friends are studying beauty at LCF, so it was for their project too. We had SO much fun, and I don't think i've ever eaten so much junk food in two days, I had a definite food baby going on!

Here's a few snaps I took of the studio...

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Valentines Day

I'm not really big on Valentines day, I think it is very exaggerated and mostly just a scam to make money! We should be showing our other halves we love them every single day, not just one day of the year! I did however receive a cute red rose from my boyfriend, unfortunately he is very skint at the moment after blowing 3 grand in Las Vegas a few weeks ago! THREE THOUSAND POUNDS! That I could have spent on shoes :( Our 2 year anniversary is coming up soon so we are gonna make up for it then by going on a little weekend away to either Rome or a luxury spa hotel here in England. He is also paying for me to get hair extensions done at the end of the month so I am extremely excited for that! I'm a lucky girl and appreciate him ever so much! :)

This week at uni is "buddy week", sounds extremely cringey but we are paired up with a third year student to help them with their work, and I guess its just a chance for us to get an idea of what third year at university will be like, and how much work we will actually have (very scary, dreading it).

So yesterday me and my *buddy* went up to East London to go fabric shopping. I was shocked at how cheap the fabric shops were, i'm used to paying £5-7 a meter for fabric at my local craft shop, these shops were only charging 50p-£2 a meter! Amazing, i'm definitely gonna be making another trip up there for when I'm feeling creative. I bought some BEAUTIFUL silky dalmatian print fabric, I am in love with it! Not sure what i'm gonna make with it yet but I couldn't pass up such a bargain especially since dalmatian is one of my favourite prints at the moment. I also got some cute aztec print material which I am planning on making some shorts with, and some sheer striped fabric, which i've already used to make a maxi skirt today! Outfit post coming soon featuring that.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Successful day of charity shopping

Hey guys :) So today I had a lovely afternoon with my mum, we popped into town to look round the charity shops just for something to do. It's snowy and cold here in England but it was such a nice sunny day! I ended up having a very successful day for bargains, my mum treated me to some lovely bits, most of which are very on trend! A bit of a lazy outfit today...

Thursday, 9 February 2012

How to wear platform Converse

So yeah, I have jumped on the platform converse bandwagon. I didn't go too extreme, i'm not a fan of the triple/quadruple sole so got myself a pair of double sole ones from ASOS as I had a 20% off code, so ended up getting them for about £25 which I think is a right bargain! I was in need of a pair of white shoes to pair with a few new pieces i've bought recently, so these are perfect. I really love them.

This morning i've been experimenting with a few outfits, trying to find a cute one for tomorrow night. Whilst doing so I remembered that I mentioned a few weeks ago on my Tumblr that I wanted to do a new feature on this blog, where I show you how I would style certain items. So I thought i'd start today by showing you how I would personally wear a pair of platform "sneakers". They are not to everyone's taste i'm sure, but I think they are cool!

First off if you are looking for a pair, here's a few which are reasonably priced:

Saturday, 4 February 2012

One dress, two looks

I thought i'd do a little day to night transition outfit post as I got this new Topshop dress yesterday which I adore, and ended up wearing it all day! The midi length is definitely my favourite at the moment as it's not too short that it looks summery, but looks great paired with thick tights now that it is so cold here in England. This is how I styled it in the day time just to go to uni...

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Hey I heard you were a wild one

February Wishlist

After slowly but surely blowing most of my student loan, i've been having a huge clear out of my wardrobe to make some money for a few bits i'm lusting after this month. Here's what has caught my eye lately...

Clockwise from left:
1. ASOS flatforms - I need a pair of white shoes to go with my pink and white striped jeans, and these are perfect.
2. ASOS sunglasses - Need to start stocking up on a few cute pairs of sunnies, it's SO cold here in England but I still get blinded by the sun when i'm driving!
3. Jeffrey Campbell Shadow Stud - I don't think these need explaining... they make my Nightwalks look like plain Janes. They are BADDDD.
4. Topshop leggings - I have been waiting for these bad boys to appear on the website after them being on the "trousers and leggings" banner for months! Love!
5. Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane - I fell in love with these when I saw them pop up on Solestruck about 4 months ago, but I wasn't sure I can justify spending so much money on a pair of casual shoes?! I can't stop thinking about them though!
6. Cambridge Satchel in fluro - Ok so I have been lusting after this beaut for aaaaaaaaaages, but i'm not really a bag girl, so the price really puts me off! Maybe it could make a good Valentines day present? Lets hope my boyfriend is reading this ;)
7. River Island top - I'm loving R.I. lately, their Versace-esque prints are really making me weak at the knees. I'm a sucker for loud baroque/chain prints so this is a must have!

What's on your wishlist this season?