Wednesday, 19 December 2012


BLAZER: c/o Boohoo
SHORTS: c/o Boohoo
TOP: New Look, £8.99
SHOES: Urban Outfitters, £20 (sale)
SOCKS: Primark, £2.50 (3-pack)
EARRINGS: Topshop, £1.50 (sale)

I was luckily given the chance to collaborate with Boohoo's #PartyPose campaign! I'm a little bit late in posting this (sorry!) because yet again, I hated the photos once I got them on the computer! But with a little bit of mirror effect and vintage colouring I think I can deal with them ;) I think I just really hate my hair at the moment, so it's making me hate everything I wear because I never feel good. I also have no idea where my bum has disappeared to in these photos. ANYWAY...

We were allowed to select a party outfit from Boohoo, I think most people went with a dress but since I really love a matching two-piece suit at the moment, I thought i'd go with this gorgeous metallic floral blazer and matching shorts. This would be my typical festive season party outfit, I don't tend to go too girly when it comes to parties so this cute suit is absolutely perfect for me! And you can get both for just £40 because both are now on sale, so go go go! I can't wait to actually wear this outfit out (yes I am sad and just like to dress up in my bedroom) - I might even make it my Christmas day outfit I love it that much.

Thanks Boohoo! Love you guys!


p.s. so sorry about the lack of blogging. I have so much uni work for my hand-in in early January. Once that's out of the way i'll be back to regular posting! Forgive me?


Graceandbraver said...

ahh you look perfect! loving the socks matching the top <33

uniqu3youth said...

I love this outfit, those shoes are pretty amazing too!

nicolemckeexo said...

Love the shoes and socks combination!

Unknown said...

love the outfit! Would love to do something like this!!

Unknown said...

This is so different from what people usually pick! I love it, you wear it really well.
Megan xxx

Andini Ria said...

You look amazing! Those platforms are killer too <3

Unknown said...

Ahh, this outfit is too perfect! I really like the added touch with the socks. I really wish I was able to pull of a matching two-piece! You look perfect.

- Clothes, Shoes & Boys with Tattoos
K, xo

Jeeda said...

the outfit is just the print

Charmaine Cowland said...

love the print on this two piece! x

Chelsea said...

I love the shoes! I know what you mean about bad hair making you feel blegh. Although yours looks lovely to me! xx

Follow Fayesk said...

I would never pick this two piece out but you pull it off so well!

Sarah said...

Lovely outfit, your make-up looks flawless too!


Unknown said...

I love short suits but unfortunately I do not have wonderful legs to show off in them!
Love the socks and top coordination!

Georgia, x

Gemma Talbot said...

Love the top and shorts and the socks add a great touch of colour. Looking great as usual :-)

Tanya said...

Love the sophisticated jacket/skirt combo and the shoes! Bargain!

Petite Side Of Style said...

I love the socks and wedges look. I want to pull it of over Christmas.

maphi bayolo said...

lovint it xoxo

Laura said...

Amazing set! You look gorgeous

Unknown said...

hi ! i`m polish girl. You`re very original :)

it will be honour for me, that u visit me ;))

Lela London said...

Adore the blazer/shorts combo. You look lovely!

Lela -

KatieGallygog said...

lovely outfit! xxxx

Dressed By S said...

Love this matching set as well as your heels!
S xx

Ellen Grace said...

I'm loving matching pieces at the minute, they look so effortlessly chic, you look gorgeous as usal and I love the lipstick


Abbie said...

Gorgeous, love a short suit combo. I think your hair looks lovely but I do know what your mean, if your hairs not right you just don't feel right! xx

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