Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A new me

LEATHER JACKET: New Look, £15 (sale)
BOOB TUBE: Primark, £3
HEART NECKLACE: c/o Punky Pins
SHOES: Office, £30ish

Aboslutely love these trousers from Oasap. They are perfectly super high waisted, clingy at the top and palazzo style at the bottom. I can see these being very versatile! Get 20% off when you make an account on Oasap.

I've been trying to eat really healthy lately, you wouldn't believe it but i've actually put on over a stone since last summer! I am feeling really unhealthy and unfit at the moment, so hopefully this is the start of something new for me! Me and my boyfriend have joined the gym and it's so easy to get into if you just put your headphones in and turn the music up really loud. I usually try to run for 30 mins, cycle for 30 and do some sit ups after :) Being a Tumblr user, you see SO many photos of girls with the most amazing bodies. It really motivates me to eat well and work out!

Here's some of the yummy healthy food i've been eating lately...

Fruit'n'fibre cereal with banana and kiwi slices
Homemade pizza with healthy tomato sauce, chorizo, rocket, mozarella, onions and parmezan (ok so the cheese is bad but it's delicious)
Raspberries and strawberries mixed with vanilla flavoured natural yoghurt
FRUIT SALAD! the best thing ever
Wholegrain pitta bread filled with smoked salmon, rocket, mozarella and tomatoes, with strawbs, rasps and yog for desert. 

And just incase it might inspire you to start working out... a few motivational photos!

No homo... I just love female six packs!

If any of you can recommend any healthy but yummy dishes i'd really appreciate it! <3


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  1. love the leopard print trousers matched with the studded jacket! x

  2. I honestly would never have known you've put weight on! you look lovely as ever

  3. you look so tall in those trousers! Love the red within the outfit too, fab shoes! x

  4. Love it, good luck with it all :)

    Santenne of Crystallized Elements.

  5. Love these trousers. The ab photos make me want to cry, I desperately want to look like that! x

  6. Lovely outfit!

    Emma x

  7. i'm diggin those pants bigtime. love your style

  8. i seriously love that jacket & those pants!!
    awwh, you look perfect as you are!

  9. that an amazing outfit!

    have a maniac day!

  10. I personally think those tumblr girls are REALLY skinny in a not attractive way. Also, you are so slim! you do not need to lose weight at all! If you want to get into shape that's your own choice of course, it's your own body, but you are really beautiful as is, trust me! :)

  11. i love your make up in these photo's. And i actually brought some similar trousers in the new look sale last week. Worn them 4 times already! so comfy and versatile!

    hanna X

  12. Those trousers are so quirky'! I really like your studded jacket, pretty cool!!! I'd love it if you checked out my blog
    Thanks, Ally xoxox

  13. Love the leopard print and the lipstick color !!

  14. you look amazing, love love the outfit xx

  15. Love the outfit! All that food looks so good!


  16. That necklace is cool and love the trousers. Know what you mean on the fitness front, Tumblr makes you want to literally eat dust!! You look like your doing well! x

  17. that pitta looks and sounds awesome. And i love your necklace and shoes. Jacket is awesome too.

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  19. Loving those trousers, female six packs scare me though. I do like a good toned stomach not that I have one haha x

  20. The inspirational photos are great i am always looking for
    photos to help me resist the chocolate!

  21. those trousers look amazing on you!
    your body is fab anyway but wow your food always looks sooo good, whenever i go on instagram and see them i'm like ugh why i need this food :D!
    i've just started running and i'm so shit but oh well :D

  22. Love the trousers!
    Claudia xxx

  23. oh I found you on youtube the other and I must say that I really love your style! And I love your blog =)

  24. I just stumbled across your blog and Im like shut up! your blog is amazing! This outfit is killer!
    Check me out?
    im totally following u now!

  25. Your legs look amazing! Try hummus with carrot sticks, celery sticks etc. Plain hummus is a bit icky but you can get other flavors like sundried tomato. It's my favourite food when I'm feeling like I've put on weight :)

  26. I really like the trousers, your legs look so sky high long haha, beautiful!

    Take a look at my blog, not any healthy food, but very sweet and delicious,

  27. You look gorgeous!! Love that your eating healthy too, those dishes look amazing!!!

  28. These trousers are the best thing I think I've ever seen! Very inspirational photos...I feel compelled to go for a jog ha! x

  29. Hey,
    I love your blog soo much!!
    Would you like to follow eachother?
    Lots of love,

  30. I wish I had a stomach like that! Love the jacket and those trousers look amazing on you :) xx

  31. jolie jolie tout ça

  32. Looks like you've been doing really well with your healthy eating! :)

  33. Loving the leopard trousers and the necklace is so pretty! xo

  34. I've commented before but I just wanted to let you know I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger awards! Check out my blog to see the rules :)

    Dakota at; xo

  35. Cool outfit!

    Lana, xo

  36. Seriously I adore your style, can I be you for a day please xxxx (congrats on being short list for a cosmo award)

  37. Love the look baby! And I'm a homo so I love the ladies bodies. Aoww haha

    xx Jacqueline


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