Friday, 9 March 2012

I feel like a goth


DISCO PANTS:american apparel SHIRT:asos SHOES:office BLAZER:charity shop

A couple of this weeks outfits. I am finding myself dress more and more like a goth every day, but I don't mind cos it's such an easy/cheap look to pull off. This gorgeous blazer is one of my recent charity shop finds, I adore the bright ombre colours! The silk dress is actually a grannie's nightdress, kinda gross but exactly like the ones being sold in topshop right now for £35... mine was £2.99!

I'm off out to drink lots of wine with my besties. Have a great evening whether drunk or sober!



Unknown said...

Ugh so in love with the second and third looks! So fabulous. Your blog is so awesome.

Unknown said...

Adoration to the max for that maxi! Seriously gorgeous. X

Milly said...

i fricking love your hair!!

Nichole said...

Lovely outfit.


Love all these looks. That cross shirt is amazing.

Unknown said...

in love with all the outfits :) x


Love your silk maxi dress and cross shirt! You look amazing and I love your hair xx

christian said...

You look amazing!

Katrina said...

You are rocking that cross shirt babe!!!

xoxo -

Helen said...

Love your style sooo much, I used to follow your tumblr and couldn't believe my luck when I stumbled across your blogspot recently!

Tessawa said...

Love your hair! And the cross shirt, gorgeous.

rachel said...

aaah, great outfits! xxo

Unknown said...

The second outfit is identical to what i would wear.
Love your new hair colour!!

fl said...

LOVE the first otufit! wish i had it but with a black silk dress and my white docs haha x

Jen said...

the 1st look, wins my heart.
was looking for nightdress recently to rock as a dress.

J x

Alex said...

I adore the first look! If you got your denim vest from an ebay shop, please tell me which it's amazing! xx

Georgia Meramo said...

I love that shirt, looks great with the disco pants! I always find my disco pants seem to get shorter and shorter whilst I wear them, which is so annoying because I've got long legs and they just swing round my ankles!

Lara Inez said...

love the second outfit!

Susanne M. said...

The shirt with crosses is fantastic!


Laura. said...

I have that shirt :)

Love the silk dress - your new hair is awesome too.

Zorian said...

Love the outfits. Beautiful silk dress. The red and black outfit is awesome. Great styling.

Me and Moustaches said...

These outfits just amaze me, I really love them all. Especially the creepers and grannie's nighty.

Christine said...

nice blog

KMA said...

this shirt looks damn perfect!


megleaisabelle said...

i have a silk slip and i never knew what to wear it with, defo gonna try it like that! looks amazing x

Rebecca said...

You have the best hair ever! I missed out on having a goth phase for some reason, reckon it'll creep up on me soon

The Little Magpie said...

I love both of these outfits! That cross shirt is amazing xx

GREEDS said...

I adore the first picture of the first look and the shirt in the second look... Great choices!

Yenny said...

Love the Outfits and Hair !!!!!!!
Hope You Stop By & Follow me 2 !!!!

Leah said...

I love your dark lipstick, it's gorgeous. :)

Unknown said...

These outfits are so lovely and your hair is to die for!

georgia.x said...

i loooovveee your hair! and i have that cross shirt!

NRC♥ said...

A gorgeous one though lol


TeenerDreamer08 said...

You have amazing taste in clothes! You look gorgeous! :)


Trends With Benefits said...

I am in love with that shirt! It looks so good :)


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