Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Bargain floral dress

 DRESS:bootsale/vintage BAG:wholesale dress SHOES:asos EARRINGS:topshop SUNGLASSES:primark
How cute is this vintage dress? The car boot sales have started at last, and even though I was way too hungover on Sunday morning to even move out of bed, my mum still went and managed to pick me up a few cute bits, including this dress. I think she paid about 50p for it. And that is why I love boot sales!

I paired it with just a tan belt and bag as it was SO hot today. I could have gone into uni to do some of my never ending work, but how could I give up a day of 22 degree heat and a pub lunch?! I went fabric shopping and met up with a few of my old college pals who I miss oh so much! Make sure you  follow my friend Mya who has recently started a blog :)



Sarah said...

Your sense of style is absolutely impeccable! I adore the styling of this outfit and your blog is the epitome of perfection! I'm glad to have discovered it xxx

Sheri | Flowers and Freckles said...

I LOVE everything about this outfit, the colours are gorgeous! And such a bargain! I also wanted to say I love this layout, it's changed since the last time I was here, it's gorgeous! xx

Chanel Kadir said...

So stylish, looks like I need to start going to bootsales to see what they have.

Anonymous said...

Love this!
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Mantenso said...

once again another flawless outfit!
your style is so amazing, and 50p ? what a bargain!
mantenso xx

Soph. said...


Love the pink lips too.

Xox Soph

Katrina said...

I'm in love with your floral.

xoxo -

Selena said...

saw this on lookbook. lovely! perfect lipstick too xx

AsherleighR said...

Love this dress, its so cute!!!xx

Vera said...

You rock those shoes x

ressu/sini said...

so cute dress!!

Nicolle Catherine said...

very cute. love the dress, wish i knew of any car boot sales here haha - doubt the stuff would be as good though! x

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