Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Valentines Day

I'm not really big on Valentines day, I think it is very exaggerated and mostly just a scam to make money! We should be showing our other halves we love them every single day, not just one day of the year! I did however receive a cute red rose from my boyfriend, unfortunately he is very skint at the moment after blowing 3 grand in Las Vegas a few weeks ago! THREE THOUSAND POUNDS! That I could have spent on shoes :( Our 2 year anniversary is coming up soon so we are gonna make up for it then by going on a little weekend away to either Rome or a luxury spa hotel here in England. He is also paying for me to get hair extensions done at the end of the month so I am extremely excited for that! I'm a lucky girl and appreciate him ever so much! :)

This week at uni is "buddy week", sounds extremely cringey but we are paired up with a third year student to help them with their work, and I guess its just a chance for us to get an idea of what third year at university will be like, and how much work we will actually have (very scary, dreading it).

So yesterday me and my *buddy* went up to East London to go fabric shopping. I was shocked at how cheap the fabric shops were, i'm used to paying £5-7 a meter for fabric at my local craft shop, these shops were only charging 50p-£2 a meter! Amazing, i'm definitely gonna be making another trip up there for when I'm feeling creative. I bought some BEAUTIFUL silky dalmatian print fabric, I am in love with it! Not sure what i'm gonna make with it yet but I couldn't pass up such a bargain especially since dalmatian is one of my favourite prints at the moment. I also got some cute aztec print material which I am planning on making some shorts with, and some sheer striped fabric, which i've already used to make a maxi skirt today! Outfit post coming soon featuring that.

We also checked out the hair and beauty shops, there were a few all down one road and most specialised in afro hair but they sold loads of hair dyes and extensions for really cheap. I usually pay about £4.50 for a bottle of Crazy Color hair dye but these only cost £2.29 each! What a bargain. I got some tacky gold earrings (because I love a bit of tack), pink hair bands and some Carmex lip balm, as I have earth's dryest lips :(
The one thing I was most excited for was to check out the charity shops, but to my disappointment there were only a few and were actually quite pricey for the area we were in! I will never understand how they think they can charge £5 for a used t-shirt that is probably about 20 years old! I am counting down the days till the car boot sales start again, SO EXCITED! The only bargain I bagged was this French Connection  midi dress, very similar to one I already have but it has a poloneck! And you all know I love a poloneck. It's a little big but nothing a waist belt can't fix!
 As I am a big Nicki Minaj fan I just had to have this months copy of Wonderland, featuring the lovely lady herself. She is a big inspiration to me with her "IDGAF"attitude!

After sitting in traffic on the M25 for aaages with a numb bum, I was soo happy to get home and see my boy. My mum cooked us and my family a delicious Valentine's day dinner of apricot stuffed lamb, veg and red wine gravy, followed by a home-made lemon and lime cheesecake. Simply delicious!

 Hope you all had a lovely V-day!


  1. aww it looks and sounds like you had a really lovely valentines day. :) All the fabric you got has amazing prints!! <3

  2. Glad you and your boyfriend had a good valentine's day! Where abouts are these amazing fabric shops you speak of?! As in which part of East london? I could sure use some cheap fabric stores! xx

  3. I really. love the dalmatian print fabric, it's gorgeous xx

  4. The food looks amazing!

  5. Looks like a wonderful time!! Beautiful fabrics! :))
    I think one rose is so sentimental! It says "I don't need a dozen roses to show you how much I love you!"

  6. I agree about valentines day.
    Food looks so good! yum.

  7. Looks like you had a fab Valentine's all in all then! :)

    Natalie x
    Trying To Make Fetch Happen

  8. oooooooh :O
    where exactly in east london are the frabric shops at ?? ( im from north london and most of the time i dont go out looooool ) xoxo

  9. I've got the lilac crazy colour on my hair - love it!
    Claudia xxx

  10. There's good fabric shops in the dalston market in east can't miss them xx

  11. i so wish it had looked acceptable when i dyed my hair lilac D: such a lovely colour thoughhh im sure you'll look amazinggggggggggg xxx

  12. I wish my mum could cook like that, you are so lucky! I'm always worried to what my mother will try to "cook" everytime :)

  13. Hello I'm also a fashion student and recently, I have a blog.

    I liked your blog with your style.
    I follow you!

    XX :))

  14. Ooo I must get myself down to london at some point and go fabric shopping! I want to make lots of little cute dresses for summer but uni is crazy at the moment. If you ever come up north, there is a place in Dewsbury that sell fabrics for insanely cheap. Its a huge warehouse full of stuff, its fab!

    I'm in my second year of doing fashion design as I remember working with my third year was scary but it's cool seeing their final collections.

    Great post anyway! :) xoxo

  15. I can't believe I've not seen your blog before. Your style is spot on! Those fabrics are beautiful prints, I can't believe how cheap they were either. I'm glad your had a great Valentine's Day xxx

  16. Great photographs, love those fabrics! Yes, one thing we do have in abundance in East London is fabric stores and stalls! You should try visiting Walthamstow market on a saturday, they have fabric stalls on the market for suuuper cheap!

    Drea xo

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  18. That food looks fantastic, I'm seriously hungry now!

  19. Love all of this!


  20. I totally agree valentines day is a bit overrated! I went to Rome with my boyfriend and it was the best experience ever, It was amazing, you should definitely go! x

  21. great photos!

  22. looking at those food photos really made me hungry, haha! ;)

    i agree, we should show our loved ones we love them everyday and not just on valentine's day, but i also like the idea of giving them a little something special (and i like receiving them too, haha!). :)

    p.s. gorgeous fabrics!

    <3, Mimi
    Udderly Smooth Giveaway

  23. looks like you had an amazing day x

  24. heei :)))
    Du hast echt nen hübschen Blog !
    Dein Design und auch deine Bilder gefallen uns sehr ! Da wir auch noch fleißig auf der Suche nach neuen Lesern sind, würden wir uns super freuen wenn du mal bei uns vorbeischauen würdest, und vielleicht gehörst du ja dann auch zu uns ? Das wäre echt klasse !
    knutscher ' Isabella & Lea <

  25. Dope ass blog. I like your style. Following!!

    xx Jacqueline

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  27. your blog is amazing! really amazing photos! looking forwards to more updates from you! xoxo

  28. Wow I wish fabric was that cheap in Australia. I make clothes too and feature them on my blog.
    I'm your newest follower. Can't wait to see what you make!

    Xox Soph

  29. FAB BLOG, gorgeous gorgeous!


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