Thursday, 2 February 2012

February Wishlist

After slowly but surely blowing most of my student loan, i've been having a huge clear out of my wardrobe to make some money for a few bits i'm lusting after this month. Here's what has caught my eye lately...

Clockwise from left:
1. ASOS flatforms - I need a pair of white shoes to go with my pink and white striped jeans, and these are perfect.
2. ASOS sunglasses - Need to start stocking up on a few cute pairs of sunnies, it's SO cold here in England but I still get blinded by the sun when i'm driving!
3. Jeffrey Campbell Shadow Stud - I don't think these need explaining... they make my Nightwalks look like plain Janes. They are BADDDD.
4. Topshop leggings - I have been waiting for these bad boys to appear on the website after them being on the "trousers and leggings" banner for months! Love!
5. Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane - I fell in love with these when I saw them pop up on Solestruck about 4 months ago, but I wasn't sure I can justify spending so much money on a pair of casual shoes?! I can't stop thinking about them though!
6. Cambridge Satchel in fluro - Ok so I have been lusting after this beaut for aaaaaaaaaages, but i'm not really a bag girl, so the price really puts me off! Maybe it could make a good Valentines day present? Lets hope my boyfriend is reading this ;)
7. River Island top - I'm loving R.I. lately, their Versace-esque prints are really making me weak at the knees. I'm a sucker for loud baroque/chain prints so this is a must have!

What's on your wishlist this season?


Unknown said...

ah! JC studded nightwalkers!

Angela Leberte said...

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Iris said...

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Have a lovely day,

Jennifer Curley said...

love everything!! where can I get the shadow stud JC's??


Stephanie said...

Amazing! Very inspiring!

Suzanne said...

Ah the leggings!! I need them too, oh so badly <3

Jen said...

Im getting those leggings too and Coltrane are sold in Office now.

J x

Unknown said...

Loving both of the Jeffrey Campbell shoes especially the shadow studs, that guy is simply a genius! I've seen Rihanna with the JC Contrane if not something similar in her Talk That Talk promo pictures xx

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