Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Kelly Kapowski

It's only when I look back now that I realise how cool Saved By The Bell was! All the outfits are so loud and colourful, I love it! But I guess that was the normal way to dress back then? Look at Kelly Kapowski, everything she wore looks so retro now, yet it is so easy to pull off. The kind of things you'd have to pay loads for in vintage shops now, but could easily find in charity shops. I'm gonna try out some Kelly Kapowski inspired outfits this week!

Plimsoles, floral trousers and a pastel coloured t-shirt, I have all of these!

Retro/aztec print t-shirt, I always see these in charity shops!

High waisted jeans, braces & a frilly crop top - so simple but so cute!

Oversized denim jacket with polkadot collar and hem - this would be SO easy to DIY!

Floral crop top and high waisted Levi's, easy to pick up in charity shops!

Amazing right?!
I'll keep you posted with my Kelly Kapowski inspired outfits!

Lots of love

Monday, 24 October 2011

Neutral and Neon

I didn't manage to take any outfit photos today so I quickly got my mum to take some just now, all my make-up has rubbed off so I had to crop out my awful face! I promise to start taking better quality outfit photos!

I found this neon chiffon top in a charity shop the other day and since I have gone mad for neon colours this season, I just had to have it. And at £2.49 it was a bit of a bargain! Since it is so bright I paired it with a pair of neutral coloured leggings to tone it down a bit. I wore it with my silver creepers, leather jacket and lots of silver jewellery.

neon green top - charity shop, riding pants - american apparel, gun necklace - ebay

30 Day Challenge - Day 2 - Your favourite shirt

I don't particularly have a favourite, so I found this one quite hard to choose! I just picked out two that I think are cute:

 galaxy shirt -

leopard print velvet shirt - charity shop

I've never actually worn this shirt as I was waiting till it got cooler as it's quite a thick material. Now that it's cold I can't wait to introduce it to my winter wardrobe! :) 

In other news, my car failed it's MOT today, SUCH a pain! Apparently it's gonna cost loads to fix so we're just gonna sell it on and get a new one. My dad's already found one which his mechanic friend is selling, so atleast I won't be without a car for too long. I've banned myself from buying any more clothes for a while, I REALLY want a Mini Cooper, and I could so easily save for one if I didn't buy so many clothes and shoes! So that's my plan.

Have a lovely evening guyyysss.


Sunday, 23 October 2011

Walk in the woods with my boy

leopard dress - new look, leather jacket - new look, socks - river island, brogues - river island, hat - topshop, bag - wholesale dress

Went to Ashridge with my boyfriend today for a little walk. I finally got my SLR camera back so managed to get some better quality photos today :) It was such a lovely day, chilly enough for a jacket and hat, but so warm in the sun!

I went out for my friend's 21st birthday last night, so thought i'd share a few photos!

Gonna continue on my 30 Day Challenge tomorrow.
Hope you've all had lovely weekends!
Back to early mornings tomorrow :(


Autumn Leaves

dress - h&m (ebay), leather jacket - new look, green hoodie - h&m, skull bag - wholesale dress, dr martens - ebay

Everything looks so pretty in Autumn. It's probably my favourite season, not too cold, not too hot and the perfect weather for layering, chunky knit jumpers and cute walks with my boyfriend.

I went to a town called Harpenden yesterday. It's very small, we only went to check out the charity shops as I heard you can pick up quality items as it's quite a wealthy town. As i'm used to paying £2-3 for an item in my town, I was shocked at their prices! Some things were £10 each! So I didn't end up buying anything at all, apart from a slice of rhubarb and apple cake from the bakery.

I did see something verrrrry rare though... a pair of Vivienne Westwood Melissa jelly heels!!! I didn't see them at first, then as I was leaving I spotted them on display on the till... and they were my size! Completely overpriced though, £49.99! What a joke! I would have loved to be able to afford them but i'm a poor student now and have already spent way too much of my student loan :( It makes me wonder who on earth would donate this kind of thing?! They must be super rich to just give them away!

How cute are they?

Off to Ashridge woods for a walk with my boy now, gonna teach him to be my photographer! 


Friday, 21 October 2011

Favourite Things

Black and white stripes, Dr Martens, leather, studs and PINK... a few of my favourite things all rolled into one! Haven't done an outfit post in a while but I wore this today to uni and thought I better take a photo as i'm kinda slacking! I wore this skirt in my last Lookbook post but I love it so much and thought it looked way better with this top. Please ignore my ugly faded rooty hair, i'm planning on going blonde so need to fade it lots!

leather jacket - new look, pink top - charity shop, skirt - wholesale dress, dr martens - ebay, jewellery - charity shops


These beautiful little babies arrived in the post yesterday:

I purchased these badboys from eBay. It is rare you find Lanas on eBay, I paid £120 + £6.50 postage - which makes it a lot cheaper than buying them from America and paying customs charges. I love them and can't wait to wear them!

These bags also arrived from Wholesale Dress. They took a whole 2 months to arrive though :/

I love the fake Vivienne Westwood one!
What do you think?


Sunday, 9 October 2011


I got this close to my IDOL last Thursday. She. Was. Incredible. I am officially in love with Rihanna, even more than I was before. She puts on such a good show, the dancing was amazing, and even though she mimed some of it, she sang beautifully the rest of the time! The outfits were insane! Let the photos speak for themselves...

 These two are my favourite photos out of the 200 I took! (above and below).

What a perfect girl! Her body is to die for. I'm in love. Best night of my life!

It was freezing outside and boiling inside so I didn't really know what to wear. I ended up wearing this, with a jumper, which I just took off when we went in:

leopard print shirt - new look, riding pants - americal apparel, silver creepers - topshop